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DCFS – The Age of Shared Computing Power, Realize Global Computing Resource Sharing



In the process of the gradual landing of cloud computing, big data and other new technologies, computing power has become an important support force for the in-depth development of the digital economy. Whether it is new infrastructure, industrial Internet, or various cities under construction, the server, high-performance computing clusters, artificial intelligence hardware and other basic and intelligent computing power can all be found in the bottom layer.

Cloud computing has formed a mature business model and complete technical support, but these technology providers need to have a high technical threshold. And cloud computing technology is highly centralized so that computing power can be distributed from the top down. Therefore, the emergence of DCFS will solve the problem that some smaller computing resources are expensive to operate alone, but cannot be provided to large cloud service providers.

DCFS is a computing power infrastructure public chain developed based on blockchain technology. It classifies computer resources from the perspective of computing power, and is connected to a platform in a looser mode. At the same time, it uses blockchain technology to ensure the reliability of data, so as to solve the problem of scheduling small and medium-sized computing resources in the whole network. The birth of DCFS means that you can rent a spare computer from anywhere in the world, access computing power resources at a low cost, it relies on cryptocurrencies as a means of computing power payments, while efficiently and scientifically satisfying multiple needs.

How is idle computing power used? It’s very simple, DCFS cloud computing platform provides computing power resource access interface, users can deploy DCFS resource nodes on local devices and access DCFS computing power resources network, complete the platform automatically assigned related computing power tasks; If you don’t have a task, you can access the mining pool and mine all kinds of platform coins, such as BTC, ETH, FIL and DCC, and get the reward of DCC computing power block rewards. Thus, the utility model not only reduces the waste of idle computing power of the computer, but also avoids the “empty excavation” of resources consumed by simply mining coins, and at the same time realizes the “multiple excavations”.

Users need to pledge a certain amount of DCC Token before leasing or renting computing resources. When their computing power is normally used by users, the pledged DCCS will be returned to their accounts after the specified pledge period expires. And when the user adopts your computing power resource, if they cannot use the computing power normally or has a fault, DCFS automatically deducts part of pledged DCC as a penalty to ensure that users of computing power can use these resources stably.

The DCFS plan is to create a cost-effective, low-latency, high-density, wide-coverage, flexible, secure, infinitely scalable distributed computing power network, anyone who can access the Internet can use it.

It is interesting to see how the DCFS ideals described above will be realized. This is inseparable from its strong international R & D team behind. The DCFS Foundation was established in Singapore in 2021 by a number of global experts in distributed computing, cryptography, blockchain, finance; The team aims to serve the DCFS public chain and build a globally distributed computing network ecosystem. The Foundation cooperates with a number of industry institutions to provide full support for the public chain R & D teams in terms of funding, technology and operation. In order to continuously improve the public chain ecology, it has incubated DEX, NFT, DAO, Metaverse and other applications, to serve the future digital economy.

DCFS supports multiple dimensions of computing power to meet the personalized computing power requirements of different application scenarios, and provides a perfect peripheral computing power infrastructure for applications based on hardware/software collaboration architecture. It has the following advantages:

Low cost. The core problem of DCFS design is to solve the high-cost investment issue of enterprises or individuals with computing power demand. Through the unique ecological model, enterprises and individuals can obtain computing power resources at a lower price.

Low latency. In order to meet the requirements of low latency, DCFS needs to build the solution of “edge” which is closest to the field of business to reduce the latency. The computing power resources can be automatically matched through DCFS by computing power nodes that have disclosed their own region locations.

Massive amounts of data. Through the unique load balancing technology of DCFS, each node virtual machine can cooperate with each other to share the concurrent pressure, distributed analysis and filtering, saving network bandwidth.

Privacy security. DCFS protects the privacy of every participant through an encryption algorithm and separation mechanism, so that participants can freely determine the degree of information openness.

Operational autonomy. DCFS provides the ability of self-healing, when a node virtual machine failure occurs, it can timely alarm and trigger reminders, and upgrade while isolating the fault node, to ensure business continuity.

Coupling optimization of big data storage computing. DCFS uses the big data storage and computing separation scheme, under the premise of ensuring performance, realizing the independence of calculation and storage, and expansion on-demand, making it easy to cope with the business surge, improving the overall utilization of resources.

Collaborative optimization. Through DCFS, it can achieve cross-regional collaborative computing, reduce the difficulty of enterprise or individual, achieve interoperability collaborative analysis, avoid unnecessary ETL processes, reduce data migration.

Although DCFS only appeared in the field of blockchain recently, it is not just born out of nowhere, but more like a product of the trend. DCFS, after years of technical polish, with social benefits as the starting point, in the context of blockchain impetuous technology background, with precipitation technology emerged in the digital economy environment, is expected to become the world’s safest and most affordable computing power infrastructure public chain, with the help of blockchain pass to achieve global computing resources sharing, enabling the real economy.

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