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Best Project Management Tools To Manage Projects For Your Startup



Project Management Tools

Managing your projects and making sure that you maintain the quality of your work is very important for business. No matter you are a startup or a bigger brand, you should always make sure that you address your client’s issues promptly, make sure that you strategize your work in a way that you don’t miss out on your deadlines and get a bad review from your clients at hand. 

In the current digital age, businesses use different apps and software to make sure their projects and different tasks end on time and they don’t have to go through any hassle. Also, they make sure that they have enough time for alterations, changes and other task-related complications that might need to be fixed. You can also use many project management tools at home to make sure everything remains organized and your home stays flawless. You can use Spectrum Internet services to download these apps and use them no matter you are in America. Apart from that, you can watch your favorite sports using Spectrum sports pack available for Spectrum users. Using project management tools can save a lot of time, resources and effort required to get done with a task, let’s have a look at the different tools you can use if you are an iPhone user: 


This is one of the most used apps by many people in different industries. Many startups and big businesses, use the app to transfer files on the cloud and share them with almost anybody who has an internet connection. Dropbox is one of the apps that can help you sync documents, videos, photos and other files on the cloud and access them from almost any device. Dropbox is a tool that can work as a backup, a collaboration tool, a file-sharing tool and a tool that can streamline your processes and make your projects more manageable. It is very secure and helps you keep your work organized and accessible. 

App Store Rating: 4.8


The tool is one of the most used tools for people who want their project files to be well managed, organized and makes things easy for teams to collaborate on tasks. It is not limited to be used at work only. You can use the tool at home and make sure that everything stays organized and manageable. TickTick is used by businesses because of its seamless cloud synchronization that gets through almost all devices and performs tasks like scheduling your agenda for a meeting, create memos, collaborate with teams, share shopping lists, backup your expenses and do so many other tasks. You can set reminders, use your calendar the way you want to, set up tasks that you have to perform almost every day, share different task lists and share them. iPhone users, can use Siri to create tasks and use the Focus feature so they can concentrate in a better way. There are so many other features that you can look at when using TickTick 

App Store Rating: 4.8

The app is used by almost everybody in the world and provides users with different capabilities that can make managing projects and time easy. You can use the app to manage dates and calendars, plan your week or month and tasks that you need to complete during this time, you can set reminders for tasks, discussions and meetings as well. One of the best things about the app is that you can sync the app across all platforms including your phone, desktop, web and different handheld devices 

App Store Rating: 4.8

The app is very popular among startups and different companies associated with the services industry. It works as a central work hub and productivity app that keeps everyone in the loop so that you get real-time updates on your tasks, teams and overall project. You can sync the app with different tools and keep an eye on your tasks, time and the progress made on your task/project. Also, you can analyze data and have multiple views and assign owners easily. You can prioritize tasks and use custom notifications. One of the best features of the app is that it is highly customizable so that you get your tools where you need them and make the app a more handy tool. If you have any problem using the app, you can consult a customer services representative for assistance. 

App Store Rating: 4.7


This is one of the most-used apps for people looking for putting up notes and ideas and also uses a tool for having less distractions at work., home or anywhere in life. You can sync all devices so that you can stay productive no matter where you are working on your projects or tasks. You can connect your Google Calendar with your app so that you never miss anything on the board and make sure you work through all the tasks mentioned on the to-do list. If you often miss out on your tasks and don’t find them easily when you need them, use Evernote to make sure that you can find the most relevant information without any hassle. The app is also very useful to put your ideas in one place so that you can work through them when you are in the Implementation phase of your project. 

App Store Rating: 4.4

In the end, one can say that Project Management is nothing tricky to deal with at times. But when you think about Project Management as a business, then you are supposed to consider all the tiny details and information at your fingertips. You can use any of these Project Management apps and software according to your needs. Many of these apps are free and if you are looking to add more features to your project work and management, then you can spend a few dollars and buy their premium services. You will feel the change and productivity in your work and management style when you will use these apps in your work and teams 

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