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The Role of Registered Agents: Do you Need One?



Every startup owner knows about the potential risks of choosing a career in business. Building a business from scratch is stressful and often leads to physical and mental exhaustion. Keeping up with commitments while running and growing a business is a major cause of stress, often leading to burnout. Forming a business in the US is easy, and is done by filing the business registration with the state. What many business owners aren’t aware of is that the services of a registered agent offer them a substantial amount of help while also eliminating any potential risks.

Registered agents provide services that include far more than just collecting and passing mail on to the business owner. Their services also include business incorporation, compliance, and allowing a business to have a presence in every state where it expands to. By looking into one of the most popular options in the US, Northwest Registered Agent, a clear picture emerges of how to go about procuring a registered agent. 

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Here are some of the most important reasons why you need a registered agent for your business:

Spending more time on building your business

From the moment you decide to file for the formation of your business, a registered agent can help you with speedy LLC formation, annual report filings, getting a tax number, and mail forwarding.

State and federal compliance is another major annual requirement for businesses, but the forms can take time to complete. Non-compliance is accompanied by penalties and fees. Maintaining your business’s good standing is easy when you use a registered agent service. Besides providing the correct forms, they can assist with their completion before submitting them, allowing you to focus on your business.

Receiving all your legal documents promptly and discreetly

If your company is ever served with a Service of Process, this is delivered by your local law enforcement. There are two dangers for you: the first is that the papers may not reach you on time because you were not available to receive them. The second is that you may receive them at the address you have provided (business or home) in the presence of your family, customers, employees, or neighbors.  

With the growth in online businesses and the gig economy, many businesses are home-based. Whether your business is home-based or you have a brick-and-mortar store, if you are ever sued, a registered agent ensures the papers are received discreetly and on time.

Sorting out junk mail

From the moment you employ the services of a registered agent, this is the address on public record. That means that wherever your business is based, you won’t receive unsolicited mail (junk mail) which takes time to sort through. This mail goes directly to your registered agent, who duly disposes of it.  

Being available to receive mail

As a business owner, you need to be available during normal business hours to accept correspondence. If you are always out and about because of the nature of your business, you may not always be there to collect important notices. Professional registered agent services are always available during normal business hours to accept mail.

The same applies when you incorporate your business in another state to the one you operate in. Legal and compliance documents can never be delivered to a P.O. address. All states require that you provide a physical address, so a registered agent is the best solution if your business is in a state where you don’t have a physical presence.

Finally, if your business address is likely to change soon, you will have to complete a formal filing and pay a fee to change this information with your state. Using a registered agent with a fixed address in the state ensures you never need to update this information with the state, just let your registered agent know about the change. If you change registered agents, you must update the new information with a formal filing.

Choosing a registered agent

Each business relies on different support services. In the US, there are several excellent registered agent service providers with years of experience. Some offer national coverage, while others are more regional, but some stand out more than others because of the consistency, flexibility, breadth of services, and customer service. Northwest Registered Agent performs favorably in reviews seen on LLC University, offering all the services expected from a registered agent service.

Final word

Registered agents play a vital role in ensuring your business remains compliant, receives all mail, and runs smoothly. The services they offer are relatively cheap for what they offer – reliability and discretion – meaning that your business cannot afford to go ahead without a registered agent.