What I Do For Fun And How It Helps Improving My Productivity at Work



Have you ever noticed why children are so active and want fun every time? Because it’s in our nature from childhood and working with fun improves the productivity and creativity of human beings. It encourages us and motivates us for new thoughts and great ideas. Similar goes in working routine. If you are active, you can work with concentration, and it provides inner satisfaction.

Satisfied employees are always the primary key to success, and according to SnackNation, it just takes you building a closer friendship to improve your employee satisfaction by 50%. Moreover, if your employee had a best friend at work, it will engage them in activities and job up to 7 times than any other employee.

Isn’t it amazing? What if you are the best friend of all your workers? They could share their views, issues, and ideas to you friendly. It will help them work without any stress and with ultimate fun at the office.

Let me discuss some of my personal practices which I follow while working that keeps me happy and active enough to be generative and productive for my company.

1) Taking Consistent Small-Breaks

When I started the job, I faced too many difficulties. I was unable to give my best in the starting couple of months. I was considering myself a productive employee, but I knew I was not working up to my capabilities.

Thanks to my counselor, who advised me to take a 10-minute break after every one and a half hour? It helped me a lot. I used to spend little time in the play area, sitting on the sofa, getting my mind relaxed.

You could also advise your employees to have short breaks. Provide them with a small area having, sofas, bean bags, and picnic bench. Let them move with their laptops if they want, and they will end up discussing projects coming with awesome ideas.

2) Collaborative Activities To Boost In-Office Relations

I had a very good relationship with all my employees, even with the guard of our office too. It helps me feel fresh from the time I enter my office premises. I have friends all around who let me move to be myself. I feel comfortable with them and can focus on the work.

You can also help your employees to build a healthy relationship with one another. Try to produce different activities and sessions, at least once in a week, that allows them to interact freely. Get your team for lunch or swimming. You can also boost their friendships by creating co-working spaces.

Discuss technological advancements, how AI is impacting mobile application development, new trends of SEO, and many other topics.

They could work there if they want instead of working in the cabins. Set up an area where all your employees can meet to enjoy their social life. Employees with good relations among each other take 10 times fewer sick leaves.

3) Fall In Love With Your Working Space

We are about to spend more than 30% of our remaining life at the office once we enter the real job world. How can someone spend so much time at a place he/she doesn’t like? That is why I personalized my area according to my needs and satisfaction.

You should also decorate your cabin and table so that it always keeps you happy. Help your employees, too with these ideas:

  • Try putting up a plant pot as nature is always a motivating factor at work.
  • Use colorful holders to keep notes.
  • Hand on some pictures that reminds you of happy moments.
  • Let the mug say things to you.
  • Get the best office chair for you, to feel relax while working.

It will help you stay connected to the work and improves productivity.

4) Enjoy Small Wins

Try to give your employees small targets and praise them when they accomplished the goals. Share their success with other teammates. It will encourage them to do more and will create a healthy competition.

I always give myself a weekly task, and once I achieve it, I stick a paper with the word ‘Winner’ to my desk. It was a very little effort to keep myself motivated, but it helps me a lot at times when I lose my focus at work. That word ‘winner’ worked as a power injection. Whenever I see it, it brings up a broad smile on my face.

You can also set up a board at the office where you can share the monthly or weekly progress of your employees. Try to find out positive things, even if an employee is not working up to the mark, highlight some of his/her positive things. It will encourage him to get back on the route of success.

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