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Features to Look for in Your Business Card Design Software

Get to know all the features that you need to look for in the business card design software you pick for your online printing business to engage customers.



Card Design Software

Printing industry – an ever-evolving industry with customers’ preferences and demands changing frequently. If you print business cards, banners, and other advertising materials; it can help you engage companies looking to print ad material. However, not all companies would like to pick run-of-the-mill designs for their business cards. They rather would like some out-of-the-box designs. 

If you let customers design their business cards themselves by integrating a business card design software, you can engage customers better. 

Here are the features you must ensure to have in the business card design software you pick. 

Card Templates

The business card design software you choose should have several easily customizable templates of different colors, styles, and themes. Varied color templates will enable all professionals – sales managers, lawyers, engineers, etc. to design their business cards as they like. 

Editing tools

A good-quality business card design software always has a user-friendly and interactive interface with a variety of editing options. The tool should let your customers change color, size, format of the text, rotate it, or align it horizontally or vertically as they prefer to. For customers willing to start designing from scratch, there should also be an option to upload an image of their choice from their phone gallery, PC, or social media.

Preview and Save Options

Your business card design software should enable your customers to preview the final design. This gives your customers a better idea of how their printed card will look like. In case they are not satisfied with the final design, they should be able to edit and give finishing touches as per their requirements. It should also let them save the design for future reference. 

Image Download Preferences

After customers design the card, they should be able to download the file as a reference so as to check the quality of the printed cards once delivered.

Control over Printing Methods

The business card design software you pick should let your customers pick the printing method of their choice for their business cards. As they have a better idea of how they want their printed card to look like, your tool should support multiple printing methods including hot printing, direct printing, silk printing, etc.

Support for Google Fonts

There are chances that customers don’t find the fonts your software provides suitable for their business card design. Therefore, ensure that your business card design software lets you add Google fonts so that customers can use them to make their designs look unique.

SVG Support

Your business card design software should also feature an option to allow your customers to design SVG images. SVG support facilitates managing colors of SVG and creating a unique design out of it for customers.

Single/double-sided printing option

In general, companies often go for printing on only one side of the business cards and leave the other one blank. This implies that all the information is only on one side – the printed side. 

However, as an admin, you should be able to decide whether you want to offer a single-side printing option or a double-sided printing option as per your budget and printing scope. Today, double-sided printed cards are also in trend with several companies looking for them to add some more information like QR code at the back of a visiting card. 

To Wrap Up

If you want to expand your business and build a profitable corporate clientele, a business design software product is an ideal choice. By choosing the right card design software with user-friendly features, you can easily get the best return on your investment.