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How to Create a Perfect Work-Life Balance



Work-Life Balance

As it pertains to the topic of finding balance, there are plenty of people who’ve dismissed the notion. They don’t believe it’s possible to find balance. Unfortunately, their lives are a reflection of that mindset: chaotic. You don’t have to live an unbalanced life. The key is to become very strategic and intentional. Consider the following ways you can create a perfect work-life balance.

Set Aside Time for Exercise

The pressures of life can get pretty stressful. Life’s circumstances will wear on you if you don’t have ways to process them. In addition to other self-care activities like massages, therapy, and rest, it’s a wise decision to prioritize a ritual of daily exercise and make sure you’re doing it properly by following exercise guides. When you’re working long hours in an office, you’re well on your way to a sedentary lifestyle. Whether it’s 30 minutes in the morning or an hour three to four times a week, be sure to move your body.

Schedule Time with Family & Friends Regularly

When you’re with your family or friends, don’t try to simultaneously do work at the same time. Put your phone and your work away in order to give your people your undivided attention. One of the most disrespectful ways to quicken the demise of a relationship is by being absent. If you’d like to foster a healthy balance between your work life and regular life, you have to separate the two. Find interesting ways to schedule time with your friends and family.

Schedule a coffee date or a phone call with one friend and a family member each day. As you’re connecting, the time doesn’t have to be really long. A 15-minute phone call to check-in can mean so much to the health of a relationship. Furthermore, if you’re intentional about connecting in-person as well, that can help you feel balanced. You can do something as simple as watch some of your favorite shows together if you know how to install the Spectrum app on FireStick. Granted, your in-person experiences won’t be as often as the calls might be. However, schedule an annual vacation with your closest friends. Make a tradition of going on a new vacation every year. Whether you’re traveling to a five-star hotel in Paris, France, or a glamping trip at one of New York’s campsites, switch up the experiences each year. It’ll give you something to look forward to.

Focus When You’re at Work

When you’re at work, make sure your mind is totally focused on work. Find ways to completely unplug yourself from any distractions so that you can fully engage with your work. If you’re trying to multitask, it’s a lot harder to work at a faster and more focused pace. If you have to sit and type for a few hours, put on a focused music playlist that helps you to really engage with the work you need to do.

Put your smartphone in another area so that it’s harder to pick it up to scroll through social media apps. When you’re at work, resist the temptation to pick up the phone and talk to people. Unless it’s an emergency or is directly related to the work you’re doing, stay away from the phone, email inbox, and social media.

When you’re at work, it’s also wise to give yourself a few breaks. When you’re able to take breaks, it’s easier to keep your mind energized and ready to take on the next leg of work.

Facilitate a comfortable work environment that allows you to focus solely on work. If you’re uncomfortable because you’re cold, bring a small space heater to help you warm up. Even though it might seem trivial, it can make a major difference in your ability to efficiently perform.

Automate and Outsource

You are not a superhero who can do everything without burning yourself out. Decide what problems or tasks you’re willing to spend money to solve. If the laundry is constantly piling up in the basket, outsource that process by hiring a laundering company to do your laundry a few times each month. If you’re constantly forgetting to pay your bills when you have money in your account, put your bills on the autopay cycle. The more you can automate and outsource, the more energy you’ll have to focus on other areas of your life that are of higher importance.

If finding balance seems hard to you at first, don’t give up. Balance is directly synonymous with your quality of life. You deserve to live a balanced, happy life. While it’s not uncommon for circumstances to throw you off of your course, it’s okay to pivot and redefine what balance means to you and your life. What looks chaotic to others might look peaceful, planned, and balanced for you. Always be true to what you need as you work to maintain balance.