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How to Create a Unique Look for Your Home

Everyone loves to live in a beautiful home similar to their favorite dream fantasy home. However, recreating and designing your home to fit your fantasy can be very tricky.



Everyone loves to live in a beautiful home similar to their favorite dream fantasy home. However, recreating and designing your home to fit your fantasy can be very tricky. You’re likely to encounter challenges such as accumulating stuff, kids being kids, and inadequate time to keep everything perfect. This article will provide you with some of the basics to put yourself ahead of the game.

Color blocking

Color blocking is mixing two or more colors and often contradictory colors to create a different, better outlook. It’s the equivalent of pharmacological synergy in fashion terms. For instance, in house design, you can start by matching your furniture color with your paint color.


Play and experiment with colors that complement each other. Instead of blue and green, try white and grey.

Get personal

The unique outlook of your home should reflect your inspiration, ambitions, and goals. Take time to brainstorm and come up with an honest approach on how to recreate your home. Integrating pieces of your artworks, books, movies, and other forms of artifacts is one way to get started. For example, an 8-day cycle cuckoo clock could be incorporated as a piece of art in someone’s home. It would be creative, inspirational, and a kind of unique reflection of the individual’s style.

Aesthetics should accommodate functionality

You should not forego the practical and functionality at the expense of aesthetics. The beautiful outlook should accommodate your day-to-day functions.

Make the ceiling a focal point

The ceiling has as much influence on the aesthetics of your as the floor, but it is usually underestimated most of the time. It should be integrated as a focal point in designing your home. Some ways to create your ceiling include; incorporating wood beams, adding wallpaper or chandeliers, and painting a different color rather than the usual white.

Hanging plants

Plants add breathable life to your room. The typical approach is usually putting plants on the floor or in vases on tables. You can experiment with a non-conforming design of hanging plants. It saves floor space, and you might be surprised by the new outlook your house is adapting.

Swinging bed or chair

Bring back the nostalgia of playground days in your home. Swinging furniture creates a relaxing environment that you couldn’t have thought of. They’re easy to make, but you should ensure that your ceiling is strong enough to support them.

Covering the furniture

You can easily prevent scratches on your hardwood floor or the delicate carpet by using furniture leg covers. These covers can be made in the comfort of your own home. They are usually come in handy when moving your furniture.

Window treatments

Windows are easy to overlook as most homeowners don’t consider them a part of the interior of a house. When it comes to window treatment, emphasis is put on materials such as silk, linen, cotton, or artificial fabrics. It is advisable to avoid see-through materials. Dressing your window is a core component in creating a unique outlook for your home.


A uniquely designed home cannot do without proper housekeeping. It is one of the most affordable ways to make your home stand out. The impact of periodic vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning cannot be understated. Housekeeping also ensures that your furniture and other belongings are maintained, keeping them from being damaged and shabby-looking. Cleaning regularly ensures that all the incorporated features and designs in your home can stand out.

Add some drama

A typical standard outlook is usually boring most of the time. Creating some mystery and intrigue is part of the fun of designing your home. For example, having a sub-section of small dark wallpapers will give your room a unique feel like no other house. Unexpected color drops and different approaches add drama and boldness to your room.


Creating a unique look for your home is one of the most fun initiatives you can engage in. Your designs should showcase your personality. There are so many approaches you can opt for. Finding the right balance in terms of functionality, utility, comfort, and style is essential.