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Top Items to Have for Your Next Camping Trip

A few of the essentials to have so you are prepared on your next camping trip.



Camping trips are fun and eventful. They connect you with your surroundings and allow you to intermingle with the natural world, but they also expose you to the harsh side of it. Therefore, preparation for the trips counts a lot. Generally, the camping items you pack determine your comfort and ability to experience all the fun that comes with camping. If you carry the right things, the experience can be exceptionally unique. If you forget some essential items, you understand how it can be hard to survive the dangerous aspect of nature. Nevertheless, as a seasonal survivalist or a beginner in camping, the following are the top things recommended to have for your next camping trip.

1. Map and compass or a charged GPS

Carrying a map and compass or a GPS while hiking in remote areas ensures you have a safe way to return to your campsite. Unaware campers have occasionally wandered in the forest before they could get rescued, and getting lost in the woods without any emergency shelter can ruin the excellent camping experience we all imagine from these trips.

2. Water Bottle

Drinking water from ponds or lakes from the camping area may not be safe due to contamination that can cause serious illness. Therefore, to make sure of fun while camping, ensure you have a fresh water supply, and you can also bring along a water purification tool just in case you run out. A water bottle essentially comes in handy because it prevents you from getting stuck without water as you will only have to refill the primary container and carry it around as you move around the site.

3. Sleeping Bag

It is dangerous trying to camp without considering how you can adequately access warmth during the night. Therefore, it is critical to target a luxurious sleep while camping to charge you for the next day’s adventures. There are enough options for appropriate sleeping bags, but make sure to have the proper RV mattress if you have the luxury of sleeping in a warm RV. 

4. First Aid Kit

No one expects to get injured from camping, so it is possible to overlook the importance of having a First Aid Kit. However, it is best to include it on your next trip as a lot could go wrong. Most common injuries include blisters that need instant bandaging and minor cuts from the long day that require treatment before getting infected. Also, consider ensuring all the necessities of a kit get included to avoid last-minute surprises when you need them the most.

5. Toilet Paper

Hardcore survivalists substitute toilet paper with barks and leaves. However, most campers would agree that the two make a poor replacement because they cause discomfort and can be unhygienic. Significantly when their backsides get chapped, they can lead to pain when you try sitting down. Therefore, toilet paper should get to the top of your list for your next camping trip because even if you are camping in places with public toilets, they also run out of toilet paper, and you don’t want to get stranded in this manner.

6. Fire Starters

Campfires are significant for warmth during camping. Campers use different tools to start a fire, but the fastest is the match sticks. Therefore, ensure to have a waterproof matchbox and include an extra package just in case an accident occurs to the one you can use the other. Also, please bring along a kindler such as a dry bark or strips of newspaper, and ensure to pack them well as accessing some can sometimes be difficult when you are outside.

You need to include more items in your camping trip package, but the above are the essentials and most likely to forget. They all enhance your safety and prepare you to survive the tragedies that threaten fun and eventful moments we anticipate from camping trips. Thus having them for your next camping trip significantly saves you from unnecessary risks. In addition, if you will depend on these top items highly, it is crucial to confirm that all of them are effective. Test all of them accordingly to customary conditions before you can entirely rely on them for your safety to avoid last-minute tragedies. If you are buying new camping items, it is best to work with a professional to help you shop for the right things.

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