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Punch’s takes the next step and ventures into interactive web design with Recrowdly 2.0 (Coming soon)



Punch Digital Agency, already known for their stellar website design work continue to innovate by venturing into interactive web design by working with Recrowdly to design their new website.

Punch Digital Agency has always been at the forefront of bleeding-edge tech and innovation in the industry. As such, Punch had been experimenting with interactive web design for both clients and in-house projects and felt like it was time to really make it go mainstream.

Punch kicked off its interactive web design journey working with Recrowdly to design a 2.0 version of their website. Recrowdly, an animation and video production studio, is centered around telling a story through visual storytelling. The website, Recrowdly say, had to organically give off the same feeling.

“It made sense to want to merge our vision with the interactions in the website. If we tell stories through the videos we make, pages on our website had to work the same way” – Lead Animator, Recrowdly

Having designed world-class websites for years, Punch was no stranger to the task at hand. Punch, having created websites for KonMari, Cape, Skipify, 2020 Onsite, and more, and used this experience to drive the interactive elements of the website.

“ Interactive web designs engage a viewer and make it easier for them to consume the information ” – Mohsin Khalid, Lead Web Design

Punch put a lot of emphasis on finding the right balance between the interactions and content. They had to make the website design interactive but not go too over the top with the graphics and how things came together.

“We took design inspirations from sites that already do something like what we wanted to achieve. This research really helped us understand how we want the users to experience the story” – Zarar Malik, Creative Lead

Punch has been working towards interactive design for a while now, but things never really took off. It was the partnership with Recrowdly, an animation studio Punch had already worked with in the past, that got things moving.

Recrowdly and Punch’s previous collaboration had the former create a series of videos that highlighted some of Punch’s portfolio work. Punch’s process synergized really well with how Recrowdly created video. Essentially, both video and interactive web design accomplished the same goal – telling a story. 

Punch learned a lot by crafting processes for and with Recrowdly. The video production process: story, direction, user-journey, and cinematics lend themselves to the interactive web-design elements surprisingly well, Punch found. For Recrowdly, the experience of translating their process through another medium was a learning experience.

The website design ended up being the perfect blend between telling a story and  interaction-based adventure. Punch’s design team was very happy with the balance they were able to find in the website. They had previously started with a light theme, but on a whim tried out the dark side, and absolutely fell in love with it. 

The Punch design team highlight the case study pages as their favorite, saying that the story elements were really fun to play with.

Recrowdly and Punch’s CEO had this to say about the project:

“The synergy that Recrowdly and Punch’s processes had made the project much easier! Every roadblock we encountered was easily solved because both teams continued to learn from each other and find innovative solutions to problems. We’re very happy with how the design came out in the end and can’t wait to see it developed”

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