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“My goal is to inspire millions to achieve their body goals” – Naor Yazdan



Naor Yazdan

“At the age of 27, I went through a heart valve replacement surgery. It was hard and difficult for me and the people around me, I thought it was game over for my days as a fitness model and that I will not be able to train as before. I did everything that was needed and recovered fully, now I’m stronger than ever. Hard work pays off!” shared Naor Yazdan in an interview.

Naor Yazdan is an Israeli model, fitness model, and real estate entrepreneur. And asides being recognized one of the best fitness models in the world, Naor is also a highly-appreciated fitness mentor.

How It Began

Naor’s entry into the world of fitness was driven by his professional requirements. His role model is the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger, and ever since Naor found his passion for body building, he gave it his very all. Since 2011, he has been fully committed to bodybuilding. And not just that, his motivation, ambition and body serves as a source of inspiration to thousands across the world. Naor Yazdan has been in the business for over a decade, and is well known in the fitness industry.

“I grew up as a thin kid all throughout my childhood. I was only 55kg while serving the army in my early 20s. But, as I entered modelling I realized the importance of having a certain level of fitness. That is how the journey started. Today, after almost a decade, I know a thing or two about fitness” shared Naor Yazdan in an interview.

Over the last 9 years, he has developed an incredible physic, and has helped thousands of people achieve their body goals as well. And to make sure that maximum people can reach out to him, he created his own website.

Noar’s Online Fitness Program

“You’ve got to be the hardest worker in the room if you want to be the best, you’ve got to work harder than the one above you” says Naor. Wanting to be the best was one major factor that led Naor Yazdan to where he is currently. And he’s looking to help others attain the best possible version of themselves also. Naor is a fully committed body builder, as well as an exceptional trainer. He knows the importance of keeping fit and staying healthy cannot be understated, so he’s all about helping others on their fitness journey. Many people would love to get fit but might not have access to a gym, or may not be able to get a personal trainer. Well, Naor Yazdan makes keeping fit very easy and possible for them. He is delivering his top notch fitness training through his website. Providing an amazing variety of services, ranging from a customized workout and diet plan tailor-made for each individual’s body, to the best and most effective supplement plans. There’s also a personal dashboard for each user, to help monitor their progress, and a lifetime access to Naor’s personal group where he gives private advice and tips on a daily basis.

When he has a little bit of free time to himself, Naor loves to be with his dogs, go to the beach or spend some quality time with friends. Naor Yazdan values family, commitment and hard work above everything else.

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