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Management System for Fitness Studio



OClass gym management system simplifies your gym & fitness business by integrating class management, booking, business reporting, and payments all in one neat little app

Keep Your Fitness Studio Running 24/7 with OClass Features

Multi-channel booking

With virtual classes in demand, gym and fitness studios can now transcend physical boundaries to reach customers at any location. Manage all your booking channels on a single, highly automated platform to maximise your outreach without overextending your resources.

OClass class details on desktop and mobile screen
Girl showing paynow on her phone and OClass billing information on desktop screen

Seamless payment

OClass comes fully integrated with the leading merchant payment platforms to bring you and your customers a seamless digital payment experience. With PayNow integration, we also have one of the lowest transaction fees in the market so you can reinvest your profits in growing the fitness studio.

Better customer engagement

Help your customers keep track of their progress by entering fitness indicators on OClass after each session, and then generating an overall progress report after each course. Trainers with multiple customers can even generate these reports in batches.

OClass progress report on desktop and mobile screen

Grow your business

Real-time visibility on operations

Know exactly what’s happening across all your facilities 24/7, down to the attendance of each individual student.

Online merchandising

Larger gym and fitness studios that already have merchandising arms can consider moving some of that inventory online. You could even leverage branded merchandise as part of online marketing to entice new customers to sign up.

Harness business insights

Obtain deep insight into your gym and fitness studios business with custom reports based on key metrics. Save your favorite report templates to get a monthly, weekly, or even daily overview of your operations. With this intelligence, you’ll be better placed to make more informed decisions about marketing, inventory, payroll, and resource utilisation.

Powering your fitness studio

We created OClass to take the administrative burden off you. So you can focus on growing your fitness business. Singapore’s leading fitness management system is just a monthly subscription away.