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How to Launch an All in One On-demand Delivery App and Generate Profitable Revenue?

While people stumbled upon their homes, it was on-demand services that extended help. Right from basic necessities to luxury needs, one can completely rely on these services. As on-demand services aid people in satisfying their needs instantly and conveniently, launching multi-services on-demand app will absolutely raise.



Hi, hope you are doing good. In the next 15 minutes, you will be gaining knowledge propositions regarding the on-demand services business. The focus of the blog will be on educating you on the importance of owning a multi-services business and how you can take your business online. 

The role of on-demand services in our routines is more prominent. Right from stepping out of our homes to eating restaurant foods we greatly appreciate using on-demand services. While a service business is given colossal importance, why shouldn’t you think about plowing money into this business? Once you reach the end of this blog you will become curious about the context of on-demand services. 

Scope of on-demand services- Raise or Fall?

There are many business services that will do good in the initial few years of launch but will fade away as time goes on. Nevertheless of the time or season, on-demand services will keep dwelling among users. The pandemic is the real-time scenario that clearly surfaced the scope for on-demand services.

While people stumbled upon their homes, it was on-demand services that extended help. Right from basic necessities to luxury needs, one can completely rely on these services. As on-demand services aid people in satisfying their needs instantly and conveniently, launching multi-services on-demand app will absolutely raise.

Metrics to look after for a successful business

There are certain metrics you need to work on, that are the success influencing factors. Let us see those metrics one by one.

User acquisition– Your user base will reflect the growth of your business. Acquiring users is a crucial stage of every business. To drive users to your services, you should offer innovative solutions that your competitors’ service lacks.

User retention– Retaining users is more challenging than acquiring users. Keep surprising your users with competitive offerings, discounts, and a continuous support service.

Delivery partners– Since your business offers multiple services, you need many delivery partners so that you can dispatch orders without any delay. You can either recruit third-party delivery agents or employ your own delivery partners.

Promotion of services- Promoting or marketing your services is the key factor in driving users to your service. You should choose the right channel for marketing so that you can cover your target audiences. Other ways of promoting your services is through your service providers and delivery partners. 

Flexible working schedules– Giving your service providers and drivers flexibility in taking up the orders will enable them to provide continued patronage to your business.

Excellent customer service- If acquiring users is challenging then keeping them retained to your business is even more challenging. To beat the challenges you must offer on-time customer support so that users will not abandon your service.

Discount and offers- Apart from the quality of service you provide, it is the offers and discounts that will lure your customers. Ensure you give discounts for your customers occasionally or frequently based on your budget.

All the above-said factors are crucial and are quite hectic to handle. But you can still manage every above-said activity with a single app. Yes, it is the Gojek clone app. With this app, you can handle any type of service requests and in-app activities with ease. You will get through the features and benefits of launching your multi-service on-demand business with the Gojek clone script.

Types Of On-demand Delivery Businesses

Enterprise-to-Person or Business-to-Consumer- Companies like Starbucks, McDonald’s will come under this type. These companies will directly distribute their products to their consumers.

Enterprise-to-Business or Business-to-Business- Apps like Amazon and eBay will fall under this category. These apps will connect businesses with businesses. Also, they can serve single or multiple sectors.

Consumer-to-Consumer or Person-to-Person- Examples of this type are the Etsy and BlaBla cars. Here users are the service providers. Used goods and services can be listed on these platforms and users will buy those products.

Mandatory Features To Consider In Your Gojek Clone App

As clone apps are customizable, you are allowed to decide which features to include in your app. While including the features you must make a point to add the below features that are highly recommended. Never miss out on any of these features.

Book multiple services– As the app is a multi-service platform, it should support multiple orders at the same time. The app’s robust back-end will be able to process hordes of service requests and map them to the concerned provider.

Book later- There may be users who wish to avail of the services immediately or at a later date. The app’s schedule feature will allow users to book orders for a later date.

Track services/orders- Users can keep a close watch on the status of their services. The app will notify the user regarding the current status of the service until it reaches the user.

Multiple payment options- Make the payment options more convenient for users by adding several digital payment gateways. You can include any number of payment gateways as the app supports the same.

In-app wallet- In-app wallet comes as a boon for users. They can add money to the app’s wallet and make payments directly from the wallet.

Multiple language support- Catering to a wider range of audiences spread across the globe is possible as the app provides multiple languages.

Revenue Model Of The App

Delivery charges- Delivery charges will make most of your revenue. But it is recommended to impose a minimum delivery fee on orders to ensure your users can afford it.

Commission fee- Take commission fee for every order or service placed via your app. Again collecting a nominal commission fee will help to maintain an ever-lasting bond with your service providers.

Advertising- Advertising is the best way to welcome revenue to your business. Display ads set the pricing according to CPC or CPI.


There prevails a huge demand for apps like Gojek and the trend will extend to the next generation too. This is the perfect time to proliferate into the multi-services business by using solutions like Gojek clone script. Keep soaring!

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