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SaaS VS Custom Script – Which one to Choose for your on-demand delivery Business



Have you come across the fact that you need to urgently send a contract, but there is no time to even look for a courier service? How do I schedule an online order to be dispatched if courier services pick up the item “within the next day” and deliver it to the recipient the next day? Nothing is more vague than the phrase “from 9:00 to 18:00” – who has time to wait all day? And after the courier has arrived, one can only guess when the parcel will be delivered to the recipient, because the client does not have the ability to control the delivery process.

In the era of digital money and mobile apps, business processes are accelerating and delivery must keep up. Senders want the courier to arrive a few minutes after the call. Buyers want to receive online orders and purchases from online stores as soon as possible. Everyone would like to monitor the progress of delivery in real time, see the courier on the map and have a guarantee of reliability. This type of delivery is called on-demand delivery.

3 main benefits of Courier Delivery App

  • Firstly, the courier picks up the parcel within 20 minutes after the call and immediately takes it to the recipient – no sorting centers and offices. At the same time, the courier’s movements can be monitored in the mobile application.
  • Secondly, prices are fixed, and the cost of delivery is known at the time of ordering. When the client specifies the recipient’s address, the application immediately calculates the distance, travel time taking into account traffic congestion and the final delivery cost.

How to order delivery?

Private customers can order delivery through the free mobile app. For corporate clients, a special web platform has been developed, including advanced functionality and deferred payment. Sign a partnership agreement with the Delivery and use the services of our couriers 24×7.

After signing the contract, the client will have access to a personal account, through which several orders can be simultaneously tracked. This feature is important for online stores and companies that send a lot of packages every day. In addition, useful delivery statistics will be stored in your personal account, which will help you learn more about customers and customers.

Weight Limit

Gett Delivery delivers goods weighing up to 20 kg if you choose auto-delivery, and up to 5 kg if delivered by foot courier (this service is called Delivery Lite).

Light with Delivery Lite

On busy streets, a pedestrian courier is often more mobile than a courier by car, since it does not depend on traffic jams and does not know parking problems. Therefore, you can use the Delivery Lite service to deliver small parcels – you can select the delivery method in your personal account.

How does an on-demand courier and parcel delivery solution work?

Online users can send a parcel, first of all, by courier using the Mobile app at a price of 100 dollars. At the same time, mobile courier services throughout the country are provided with all the necessary protective equipment (masks according to the FFP3 standard, gloves, antiseptics) and operate according to contactless delivery algorithms.

Secondly, on the terms of the product, the dispatch can be made, also avoiding unnecessary contacts, through the checkpoints that work both for receiving parcels and for issuing them. The cost of such a service within the framework of a special promotional rate is only 20 dollars.

When registering a parcel in the application, users indicate the city of destination, the delivery method available for this city (“Savings courier” or “parcel”), as well as the recipient’s contact information, his address or a convenient pick-up point.

To pay for delivery through the application, you must indicate the weight of the parcel (up to 5 or up to 10 kg), dimensions and, if desired, its estimated cost to be included in the insurance tariff. After payment from the application, you can immediately print the form and stick it on the parcel. This can also be done by a courier or an employee of the bank branch where the parcel collection point operates.

The sender can use free packaging at participating bank branches or pack their parcel themselves. After the delivery of the parcel, the sender can track its status in the application and use SMS notifications.

Saas: You can get courier delivery software as a service which is developed by our team that we extend dedicated software development team for you. The team implements the necessary features required for an on demand delivery solution.

Custom Scripts: These are advanced scripts that run on the front end to add interactive features to your delivery software. For example, some of the more popular scripts add search boxes, guest books, discussion boards, shopping carts, or clocks to your Web pages.

You can hire software development team if you want to add something to your software that allows your visitors to see something, or interact with you, in a way that isn’t possible with a standard web page, a custom script can probably do it.

Author – Bio

Mushahid Khatri is a Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft which is one of the leading on demand delivery solution. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.