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A Quick Checklist for Hiring a Medical SEO Writer



Are you looking to rank top on Google Search engines? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves making the content posted on your website easy to read, understand, and find quickly. The importance of seeking excellent website optimization services services is that it makes your site rank high on Search engines, making your website available to a broader audience. The larger the audience, the larger the sales you will make by reaching more potential clients quickly.

How are you optimizing your websites? For an article to rank top on Google, the content needs to be Search Engine Optimized. Search Engine Optimization brings in the difference between sites as they compete in ranking first on Google. Medical SEO is the process done on a website to make it appear in search engines. 

An excellent Medical SEO Writer must have proper grammar and flow of researched ideas. They must know what people are looking for, including the phrases they use to look for information. As a Medical SEO writer, you should know about the topics you are creating content on. Also, the Writer must know how to use keywords and how to include them in the article. By understanding how to use keywords in the article, it is quite easy to find the content on Google.  

What is a Keyword? 

A keyword is unless a word or phrase that enhances your web content through Search Engine Optimization. We define a Keyword as a word or phrase commonly searched on search engines. A keyword should be in the content you create to make the content easy to find on Google. Knowing how to input keywords and the required density can significantly lift your site’s ranking on search engines.

Where do we use Keywords?

After identifying the Keywords needed in your content, there are areas on your page; you need to have the keywords or phrases. The areas the Keywords are required include:

  • The title and headline section
  • On the Subtitle
  • On the Metadata
  • Include a Keyword on the links to other pages related to the phrase
  • Have keywords throughout the main text
  • On the Graphic title and description

The position you have your keyword in is also relevant.

What skills must a Medical SEO Content Writer possess? 

There are some essential skills an SEO Writer must possess. When considering finding and hiring a Medical SEO Writer, you need to know the level of expertise. Bellow, we highlight some of the primary skills to look out for when hiring any Writer offering SEO Services.

  • Focus on the topic the reader wants to know
  • Write clear, grammatically correct, and concise content
  • Skill in using SEO keywords in the most natural way
  • Do extensive research especially on topics not familiar with
  • Excellent time management to avoid deadlines
  • Able to use a tone that engages the reader

How do we know if a writer is good at writing SEO Articles? You can know how good the Writer is by reading through the articles they provide. Let us look at some of the qualities you need to check when reading an SEO article.

1. Quality work

The quality of web content is always Key. Grammar should be excellent when writing online content. Google algorithms can detect and flag shoddy quality work. You do not want your site to be sidelined just because the grammar of the text is not correct. There are online tools you could use to edit your work. Software such as Grammarly will aid in editing.

An excellent SEO writer should deliver grammatically correct work and engage with a clear and natural flow of information.

2. Focusing on the topic

Concentrate for a long time is sometimes hard. A good writer needs to avoid all the distractions encountered when writing content to focus on one task. If you find it difficult to focus on one task for a long time, you can start by doing shorter projects. 

A writer needs to focus on the required keywords on the content they are writing. The keywords in the article will determine whether the work will be available on Search Engine searches.

3. Understanding of SEO

Search Engines keep updating their SEO trends. A good writer must be up to date with the current SEO trends to be considered good at web content creation.

Google updates its algorithms; hence a good writer needs to know how to write every section of the content. From the way, the titles appear to the descriptions and the keywords used in the article.

The format of your blog is essential when it comes to SEO content. Engines depend on the features of the website page including, title, headers, Meta description, URL to determine what you are writing about and when to show it when searched.

The Writer must know how to include keywords naturally throughout the article. It is essential to include the needed Keywords in the Page Title, H1, and Meta descriptions.

The Writer must also use images or videos to break up texts to improve readability and make it attractive for readers to engage with.

4. Adaptability

A writer needs to adapt his/her tone depending on the audience the piece is addressing. Using a landing page as an example, content needs to be persuasive; with a call to action tone. For an informative blog, the content needs to be rich in factual information.

Also, a blog targeting a scientist by providing scientific equipment will have a different tone and style compared to a blog that sells organic foods.

5. Researching Skill

Researching the skills of a writer offering SEO Services should be excellent. Proper research will ensure the value and credibility of your website content is not questioned. One is required to use trustworthy and reliable sources.

6. Topnotch Editing Skills

Editing is the most important thing when it comes to content creation. A writer reads through the content to identify any mistakes. They should look out for all grammatical errors, including sentence structures that may not make sense. 

Spelling mistakes and repetitive words are easily identified during the editing stage. All these mistakes are easily identified during the proofreading stage.

7. Avoiding Deadlines

Most clients have deadlines to meet during the content creation process. A good writer should have excellent time management. Proper time management will help a writer know how many jobs they can accept and deliver on time. 

Writers offering SEO services should be cautious of time and how they manage it. It’s because most clients have deadlines to beat when it comes to posting content on their sites. 

A good content writer is one who stays up to date with current trends. An SEO writer needs to continually provide great content to make them remain relevant and for success in their writing career. As an SEO writer recruiter, the above qualities should help you hire potentially useful SEO Service providers. 

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