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A Journey To Success On Demand – How To Ride Through 2021 In Your Taxi App Business



The world has changed a lot between 2010 and 2020. The way in which we consume services has been transferred from a realm of uncertainties and confusion in communication to a smart handheld device that can give a lot more information with an uncompromising degree of accuracy. We are talking about the birth and proliferation of on-demand applications for almost every imaginable service.

Today, we avail of multiple services like grocery delivery, food delivery, medicine delivery, and even massage services using on-demand applications. In all of this, it cannot be forgotten that the harbinger of this revolution was transportation and it was made possible through the taxi booking app called Uber.

The turning point called 2020

2020, however, was a major turning point not only in the growth but also in the perception of profit and operations for many businesses. With the imposition of social distancing and the need to reduce interactions, working from home began to be the norm and it resulted in drastically minimizing the need for everyday transportation.

It has gotten a lot of taxi businesses and on-demand entrepreneurs to reconsider and reshape their strategy for 2021. 2021, with the arrival of the vaccine, has shown a glimmer of hope, and the taxi industry expects to bounce back to its original glory of profitability.

What makes 2021 better?

Although 2021 might see a few vestiges of the pandemic practices because of the COVID-19 inertia, the taxi business is expected to become profitable this year. There are a few factors that will greatly contribute to this positive shift.

People will soon have the need for transportation when workplaces reopen. However, the aversion towards using public transport is bound to remain. Therefore, more people will start using cabs as a mode of transport. The user base is expected to expand exponentially in 2021.

People are so used to the convenience of on-demand. The activities like grocery shopping that was, in 2019, an outdoor activity, has now been condensed to become a few clicks on your smartphone app. Ride-hailing is also expected to remain in this spectrum of convenience. What adds to the magnitude of optimism in this particular aspect is that it is not just the millennials but even the boomers who have gotten used to the convenience of on-demand.

On the emotional front, people have been so confined to their homes for quite some time that they have been considering taking breaks either by traveling to places of tourist interest or at least by visiting some of the near and dear ones. The freezing of tourism was considered to be one of the biggest factors that brought the taxi industry to a screeching halt. With the resurrection of tourism and travel, the taxi industry will bounce back soon to its original profitability if not more.

Transportation on demand for the new normal

While all the factors stated above are uncompromisingly true, a taxi booking business cannot afford to provide the same services as it was before the pandemic. 

It is to be noted that a lot of taxi applications have used the pandemic to reinvent their offerings and there have also been new players who have entered the market. Therefore, it becomes important for your business to be available and accessible. Although this might not be considered a mainstream technical activity, marketing and visibility play an important role in establishing success for your taxi app.

Before the pandemic, the goal of an app like Uber was to provide transportation services from one point to another. However, in 2021, the goal for a taxi booking app will be to provide safe transportation for everyone who avails of the service. If your taxi app business needs to stay aloft in this pandemic, you will need to essentially implement a few safety measures, which can conveniently be learned from Uber.

A few safety measures include:

  • Using plexiglass partitions between the passenger and the driver area, and restricting passengers from boarding the shotgun.
  • Limiting the number of passengers to two or in rare instances, three at the maximum.
  • Implementing artificial intelligence to find out if the driver is wearing a face mask by asking them to upload a picture before they start a ride.
  • Applying the same safety restrictions to passengers by giving the driver the right to reject a ride if the passenger is not wearing a face mask.
  • Providing the driver and the passenger with a safety checklist. 
  • Introducing a new dimension to the review and rating system by including compliance to safety norms as a pointer.
  • Providing users with an option to cancel free of cost if they find the driver does not comply with the safety norms.

These safety measures will position your taxi app solution as a responsible business which translates into more users willing to use your services than your competitors.

The technology

Now that the operational aspects have been addressed, the next thing that you will need to be concerned about is the technology that goes behind building your app like Uber. It would have been a cumbersome undertaking to have built the app from scratch. However, the availability of the white label Uber clone app makes it easy for any aspiring entrepreneur to launch their own taxi app business.

Even if you were to go for a white label solution, it is important for you to know the key features that the user app, the driver app, and the administrator should have.

Features of an Uber-like app

The user app

  • The user should be able to quickly and easily register for the services by using their email or phone number or existing credentials like Google or Facebook. The registration should create a profile that will keep a track of all the bookings, payments, refunds, reviews, and ratings.
  • The user should be able to schedule rides in addition to having the option of quickly booking them in less than three clicks on the screen.
  • The user should be able to make payments using multiple payment methods and for this purpose, the app should be integrated with a versatile payment gateway.
  • The GPS should assist not only in detecting the precise location of the user but also in helping the driver navigate to that location through mapping and navigation services. In addition, it should also help users get updates on the movement of the driver in real-time.
  • The user should be able to review and rate the experience with the driver. This helps in keeping the entire ecosystem democratic and also passively encourages users and drivers to be professional and courteous.

The driver app

  • It just to be remembered that the driver is a gig worker and not an employee. Therefore, the driver should have the flexibility to toggle their availability.
  • Just like the user, the driver should also be able to register for offering their services. However, the registration process should also include verifying the identity of the driver.
  • The driver should be able to view the earnings for any stretch of time, and also should be able to quickly transfer earnings to their bank accounts.
  • The driver should be assisted by the GPS and navigation solutions not only to reach the customer but also to reach the destination of the ride quickly and easily. This will ensure that drivers who are new to certain localities can also survive easily and earn their living.
  • Just like the customer, the driver should also be able to read the customer based on their behavior.

The administrator

  • The administrator is responsible for the overall health and sanity of the app. They should be provided with a dashboard that gives them an overview of all the important numbers like the number of active drivers, the number of active rides, and the total revenue earned.
  • The administrator also has the power to regulate the charge per unit distance. They can also control offers and promotions, and if need be, can initiate one at any point in time.
  • The admin has the authority to suspend users or drivers based on their behavior or complaints.
  • The administrator is responsible for customer support. If need be, they can delegate customer support to a team with suitable powers to address certain issues.


Now that you are aware of the measures to be taken and the convenience of a white-label Uber clone solution, all that is left for you to do is get in touch with the company that specializes in the creation and customization of white-label Uber clone applications. They will, after agreement on the Uber clone price, be able to understand your requirements and come up with the perfect solution for your on-demand taxi app business needs.

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