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How To Launch A Top-notch Food Delivery App Like Doordash



DoorDash is one of the leading American food delivery service providers. It is valued at more than $28 billion with a user base exceeding 20 million. It offers pick-up and door-step delivery of food, groceries, and other essential products sourced from convenience stores. The restaurants that have partnered with DoorDash have full freedom to fix their menu prices. But, DoorDash has the final say on delivery fees and service charges. 

Quick delivery of orders is done by Dashers, the delivery executives of DoorDash who work as freelancers or gig workers. It also offers a subscription plan named DashPass that offers unlimited deliveries for users and is utilized by more than 5 million customers. 

Currently, it functions in countries like the USA, Canada, and Australia. DoorDash raised a whopping $3.37 billion in an IPO (Initial Public Offering) in December 2020 to strengthen and grow its business operations. 

The latest news related to DoorDash

  • DoorDash has joined hands with Shake Shack, a casual food restaurant that operates in New York and Philadelphia for promoting the performance of the popular music band, Boyz II Men as part of Valentine’s Day. It includes access to limited-edition menu items and customized date-night romantic kits for couples. 
  • DoorDash plans to enter the Japanese market soon since delivery services offered by businesses are growing very fast in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic. It will face stiff competition from Delivery Hero, Uber Eats, and Didi Chuxing. 
  • It recently bought a robotic company named Chowbotics that uses advanced robots to prepare meals and snacks. DoorDash will have full control over the Sally robot that is a customized salad vending machine. 
  • It charged an extra $1 for all orders processed in St. Louis city in Missouri so that the drivers get a constant inflow of income. This was done due to pricing control by the St. Louis Board of Aldermen, a legislative body. The same measure was taken in Monroe County in New York by imposing an extra charge of $1.50.
  • After launching its delivery of products via convenience stores in April 2020, DoorDash overtook GoPuff’s market share.
  • DoorDash is offering part-time employment opportunities for students in cities like Indianola. The students can choose flexible working hours to deliver orders to users. 
  • Independently-operating restaurants can get Covid-19 testing kits at a discounted rate by ordering them via the DoorDash platform. The kits will provide immediate results in just 15 to 20 minutes. 1100 kits will be offered to restaurants at a subsidized price. 
  • DoorDash partnered with Ordslip, a mobile ordering and SaaS development company to enable on-demand delivery by different restaurants and food trucks. 
  • It has helped Saratoga Rotary, a California-based arts organization to raise funds for supporting various local community projects. Users can make their contributions by using the promo code SRC21.

As part of the DoorDash clone, we provide easy-to-use Android and iOS mobile apps for both customers and delivery executives and an admin dashboard.  The white label solution is very cost-effective and highly scalable. 

How does the DoorDash clone work?

  • The restaurants listed on the platform of DoorDash clone have to pay either a flat fee per order or a percentage of commission or a fixed monthly fee.
  • The drivers receive the orders raised by the users through the app or website and ensure quick delivery to the users’ doorstep. 
  • Previously, DoorDash used to pocket some of the tips paid by the users to the drivers but it has stopped the practice now.
  • The main operating expenses in the DoorDash clone food delivery app are for performing detailed background checks of the delivery personnel, processing transactions made through debit and credit cards on the platform, advertising, marketing, and maintenance of the platform. 
  • The DoorDash clone offers advanced data analytical reports to ensure that the restaurants optimize their business performance regularly by focusing on areas of improvement. 
  • An exclusive merchant dashboard is available to know the total sales made, change the menu of the restaurant, and view the average order size along with commonly ordered items for delivery.

The key features of a Food Delivery App Like DoorDash

  • A social media login facility for the users to sign up on DoorDash using their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts.
  • Access to order history for the customers to enable the quick ordering of their favourite items. 
  • A dashboard for the restaurant and the grocery store for managing the listing of products, ensuring timely distribution of commission to the delivery personnel, and handling the grievances of customers smoothly.
  • The delivery executive can utilize a Food delivery app like DoorDash to either accept or reject an order fulfillment request raised by the user, monitor his earnings like commission and bonuses continuously, and utilize the route optimization option to reach the users’ location quickly. 
  • The issue of real-time notifications about offers, discounts, order status, and delivery executive’s current location to the users.
  • An instant search facility where customers can search for the available products on the platform by entering the keywords, category, price, timings, and delivery location.
  • Acceptance of numerous payment options such as debit cards, credit cards, net banking, digital wallets, and the leading cryptocurrencies.
  • Live order tracking by the user for instantly checking the delivery executive’s progress from the restaurant to his/her location.

As seen above, DoorDash is one of the promising food delivery service providers and is continuously consolidating its market share through vast expansion. Get the well-functioning DoorDash clone now and make a big mark in the growth-agnostic food delivery market soon.