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Create a free Online food ordering system to benefit restaurants



GloriaFood is a well-known maker of food ordering and delivery platforms where restaurants and cafes can easily manage their daily business operations. It emerged in 2013 in the market and is financially backed by several venture capitalists. GloriaFood helps restaurants to handle all their orders efficiently, attract more customers by offering advanced table reservation facilities, establishing an online takeaway system, order scheduling, and rendering a well-functioning delivery software.

Some must-know statistics about GloriaFood

  • 23717 restaurants are using GloriaFood’s online food ordering system currently.
  • It gets more than 50% of sales through the reseller channel.
  • Before the coronavirus pandemic, 26% of customers used to opt for delivery of food or takeaway every week.
  • However now, more than 58% of the users are preferring online ordering of food than dining in restaurants.
  • The top rankings of countries in terms of traffic to GloriaFood’s platform are the USA (18.61%), United Kingdom (9.59%), Canada (6.71%), Brazil (6.63%), and Germany (4.93%).

The Gloria food clone script is a customized and ready-to-use solution that includes a robust admin panel, a website ordering widget, a web panel, a table reservation widget, contactless delivery facilities, Android, and iOS apps for customers and delivery executives, and seamless third-party API integration with different tools like QuestTag, Tookan, Ordermark, Getswift, and ItsaCheckmate.

Technological tools like jQuery, MySQL, Swift, Node.js, Kotlin, Flutter, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud are used.

The benefits include unlimited order processing, no commission is charged per order, and can be set up for free without any hidden costs.

The key features of the Alternative to GloriaFood are

  • Minimum physical contact when picking up orders at restaurants to keep the spread of coronavirus at bay.
  • Reduction in the usage of cash through online payment gateways, acceptance of debit and credit cards, and integration with PayPal.
  • The solution contains three Point of Sale (POS) systems named MobiPOS, SambaPOS, and DinePlan.
  • An exclusive Health section where all the details about safety practices taken for Covid-19, hygiene, and cleanliness will be mentioned.
  • A high level of transparency is ensured by sharing the name and body temperature of the cook who makes the food and the delivery executive who delivers the food directly to the customers’ doorstep.
  • The issue of real-time notifications round the clock to keep the users fully informed about their order status.
  • An integrated loyalty program where exciting rewards will be distributed to the existing users.
  • More customers can be attracted through efficient gift card management.
  • Orders can be processed both through the website and Facebook page of the restaurant.
  • Discounts and promo codes can be easily offered to the users.
  • 24×7 technical support in numerous languages like English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, and Dutch is provided.
  • Real-time monitoring metrics related to keywords used by the customers in the search results, the total number of orders, and visitors to the restaurant.
  • Integration is offered with Facebook and Google Business Listings.
  • Automatic printing of invoices and other documents from Epson and Star Micronics EMEA printers.
  • A rating and review system where customers can share their feedback about the quality of food provided by the restaurants.
  • A reordering option where users can easily see their previous order history and order the same items again.
  • An inbuilt navigation option for the delivery personnel to reach the customers’ location quickly by using the shortest possible route.

The add-on features as part of the Online food ordering System

  1. A credit card payment processor ($29 per month).
  2. Assistance in implementing promotional campaigns across various communication channels ($19 per month). The promotional
  3. offers include offering free drinks to diners on orders above $30, “A Buy one Get one” offer, a percentage discount, and free home delivery of orders.
  4. A mobile-friendly website to enhance the sales of the restaurants ($9 per month).
  5. Branded mobile apps ($59 per month).
  6. Setting a delivery radius where zones or areas have to be selected to make food deliveries to the customers’ doorstep.

How to use the GloriaFood Clone Script?

  • Install the restaurant’s WordPress theme.
  • Add the needed plugins for directly connecting with the food ordering system of GloriaFood.
  • Import all the demo content of your restaurant website like photos, menu, webpages, and posts.
  • Set up the food ordering system and establish the terms and conditions for table reservation.
  • Press the Get Started button to set up the  account.
  • Make all the changes in your content.
  • Refresh the page to see the menu of your restaurant.
  • The restaurant can soon start accepting orders from the customers.
  • You can make the order button look attractive by displaying it on the homepage. It can be named “Order Online” or “See Menu and Order”.

The steps to follow for using the Online food ordering system of an Alternative to GloriaFood

  • The customer has to place the required order on either the website or Facebook page.
  • Instant notification of the orders is sent to the smartphone of the restaurant.
  • The restaurant fixes the pickup time for the delivery executive to take the order and the delivery time to deliver it to the buyer’s location.
  • The entire ordering system can be customized according to the business requirements.
  • The owner of the restaurant can make changes to the menu, prices, the description for each food item in the menu, and add new items to the menu.

How to add the online ordering button to the Facebook page in the Gloria Food Clone Script?

  • There is a smart link provided in the admin panel that directly connects customers to the Facebook page when they press the Start order button.
  • Before the customers start to order food, the restaurant must copy the smart link provided from the admin option available in the restaurant dashboard.
  • It should be pasted into the Order food panel.
  • Now, the users will be able to see the link on the Facebook page of the restaurant.
  • They will be led to the online menu of the restaurant when they press the order button.
  • The Facebook smart link helps the restaurant to increase its sales as customers can directly order their food without the need to press any additional clicks.

As seen above, the Gloria Food clone script is a game-changing solution since it is a completely free ordering system. It is apt for restaurants that are on a tight budget. Setting up the solution is easy and orders can be taken in a few minutes. This helps the restaurant to stand out strong in the intensely competitive industry. Hence, start developing an alternative to GloriaFood to attain huge success soon.