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5 Ways to Look and Feel Your Best This Summer



Summer is a time to feel the heat and for you to bring the fire. It’s time to enjoy some fun in the sun or to rest in the comfort of your air-conditioned home. Significantly it’s time to be and showcase ourselves in a fun outgoing nature. However, under the scorching summer sun, you should prioritize self-care and allocate more time to pay attention to your bodies and minds. After all, the key to enjoying a good summer is to allow yourself to feel nice and enjoy life. Here are five ways you can look and feel your best this summer:

Watch What You Eat

During the summer, chances of partying, going for dine-ins, and even the sun’s heat can affect what we eat. Therefore, it is essential we stay more aware of the food we consume during the summer. Foods with a high-water scale count will keep you hydrated while adding crucial nutrients to your body. Some of these foods include strawberry, peppers, and a mocktail favorite, watermelons.

Summers provide a setting for cold, sweet snacks and foods such as ice cream and sorbet. However, you should very much avoid adding sugar to your body. Too much-processed sugar intake can lead to stomach issues. Instead, consider limiting your sugar intake to healthy sweet meals like fruit-based milkshakes.

You are set to use a lot of energy during your summer activities in the sun. To help keep your energy release at par, consider incorporating green leafy vegetables into your meal plan. Spinach, kale, green tea, or lettuces add crucial minerals and vitamins that boost your energy. If you have BBQ plans, be sure to cook the meat partially before grilling them. Cooking meat in high temperatures or burnt meat can develop chemical compounds not fit for consumption.

Skin Care Routines

The hot summer conditions mean you will probably need to be comfortable and show off some extra skin to cool your body or perhaps to catch a swim. Unfortunately, that also means you expose your skin to possible harm from UV rays. Sunscreen is an essential item to have for your skin during the summer, so apply it anytime you leave your home. A common mistake people make is applying sunscreen once, yet they’ll be outside for many hours. We recommend you at least apply sunscreen every two hours you are out in the summer.

Your ultimate summer skincare routine should also feature drinking lots of water and eating fruits and vegetables. You can also pamper your facial skin with a face mask to eliminate bacteria and hydrate your skin. A homemade mask in the lead-up to summer can work wonders on your skin’s glow. So, get to work on your skin routine and be your plastic surgery in Kansas City.

Stay Active

With no school or work deadlines approaching, your summer can be the best get lazy time for you to binge-watch all your favorite TV shows. Well, beat that low energy and get active through your outdoors by riding bikes, surfing or swimming. If the heat affects your workout routines, stay ahead and enjoy runs or biking in the mornings.

Wear Your Best Clothes

Chances are your summer will be packed with social interactions and days or nights out. To feel the best version of yourself, get dressed in your favorite clothes and try out new styles you are comfortable and confident with. One fashion tip for the summer is to avoid baggy clothes and settle for more well-fitting options.

If you have outgrown your clothes or lost weight, perhaps this calls to shop for new wardrobe additions. Shop to suit your body and go for what makes you feel fantastic, as this will boost your confidence ahead of the summer.

Hair Care

Often more than not, the heat of the summer can have drying effects on your hair. As such, you should find a new routine and treatments that will ensure your hair stays soft and shines all through the summer. Letting your hair loose and free from turbans or hats can also help it get some air and not be stuffy from sweating. If you will spend a lot of time swimming, get a swimming cap. Frequent washing and moisture can lessen your hair’s frizz.

Perhaps the summer activities and life can also mean you give your hair a new style or dye it differently. Go with what makes you feel your best and wear your confidence like a crown on your fabulous new hair-do.

Summer is a time to restore, uplift, and enjoy yourself. Ensure to take care of your body and mind while embracing wellness and fun. Use our guidelines to feel and look the best version of yourself this exciting summertime.

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