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5 of the Best Gifts for a Young Boy



Little kids get very excited about gifts, so it is important to make sure you get a gift that they will like. Every young boy is different, so the gifts that they may like will be different for each kid. However, while each young boy is different, there are general gifts that most young boys will enjoy and use. Here are five gifts that young boys will enjoy.

Sports Toys

Sports toys is a very general gift, and it is supposed to be. Young boys are playing a bunch of different sports with their friends, and they are trying to figure out which ones that they like the most. Regardless of the sport that they play, there is a toy that you can get them that they will enjoy.

You cannot go wrong with getting them a ball of some kind. Whether it is a football, basketball, baseball, or soccer ball, they will use it when they go and play with their friends. While most sports require just a ball, there are sports that require a bit more equipment that you can get the young boy in your life.

The specialized equipment includes a baseball bat, hockey stick, golf clubs, and many other items. If the young boy in your life likes to run around and play sports, they will be excited about this kind of gift and will hopefully put it to good use.


A bike is a great gift to get the young boy in your life. Assuming that they are around the ages of 4-9 years old, they should be learning how to ride a bike during that time. To learn this skill, they will need a bike. Some bikes will be more fitting as gifts than others, depending on the age of the young boy.

With a bike comes a lot of protective equipment to keep the young boy safe. This includes a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads. If they are older, they may be reluctant to wear this protective equipment. However, if the young boy is just starting to learn how to ride a bike, this protective equipment is great because they will be falling quite a bit during the learning process.

Video Games

For young boys who are not as active, and would rather stay inside, video games could be a great gift. To play video games a system is required to do so. Video game systems have become quite expensive, which is one of the drawbacks of purchasing this type of gift. However, if you are getting it for your son, these systems are quite amazing. The newer systems can surf the internet, playing games for the system, playing movies on DVDs, and downloading apps like Netflix.

Since these systems can play movies on DVDs, you may want to get the young boy in your life a DVD as well. If the young boy in your life really likes trains, there are some great Pentrex DVDs available. These DVDs are both entertaining and informative, so the young boy in your life will learn and have fun watching them.


A scooter is another fun toy for a young boy to have, especially if a lot of his friends have scooters. This is a bit safer than a bike if you do not want your boy to be riding a bike around the neighborhood. The most popular brand of scooters for young boys is Razor, and they are much cheaper than a bike.

Toy Motorized Car

A toy motorized car is more suited towards young boys who are young. Boys that are in the age range of 2-5 years old may want a toy like this. It is a fun way for them to pretend like they are driving a car, but you can keep an eye on them since these toys do not go faster than 10 miles per hour.


All these toys are great for young boys of all ages, but you need to make sure you get them a gift that aligns with their interests. They may not use a gift that does not align with their interests, so make sure you tailor the gift towards their interests.

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