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Celebrate Father’s Day by Traveling Everywhere in the World in 2020



Do you have any idea of a father in law gifts? It would be best if you did not wait until the last minute to plan for father’s day. Plan for a gift or treat from the beginning of the year. If your pop loves traveling, there are many places you can take him on father’s day. There he can enjoy the journey and have fun doing various activities. Below are some of the places you can visit around the world.

Desert Safaris in Dubai

Dubai is an excellent tourist destination in the middle east. You will enjoy camel rides in the sandy deserts. Also, you will enjoy the rich Arabic culture and cuisine in one of the hotels. Your dad will enjoy the exotic sites and wonderful experience. However, it’s best if you carry enough sunscreen and sunglasses.

Wild Safari in Zambia

There is no experience like a bush camp in the south Luangwa national camp in Zambia. You and your pops will enjoy camping amid elephants—no need to worry. The wild animals are not as harmful as the media portray. Just don’t do anything to provoke them. Follow the instructions by the tour guides, and you will be safe. You will have time to enjoy some yummy BBQ as you watch the elephants pass by. There are some lodges where you can enjoy the quiet, food, and a view of wildlife without risking your lives. You can book them for a week and give your pops a treat of a lifetime.

Watch the Wildebeest Migration in Maasai Mara- Kenya

The best father in law gift is to take him to the heart of Africa to witness the eighth wonder of the world. The sight of the wildebeests crossing the Mara River at the border of Kenya and Tanzania is Breathtaking. The world celebrates father’s day when the beasts start to migrate. You will be lucky to witness the phenomenon of migration.

Go for a Hike in Peru

It’s time to up your outdoor adventures. Choose to go south this year. Peru is a beautiful country with mountains full of adventures. Several mountain lounges help visitors hike through unexplored regions of the country. A week-long camping and hiking experience is all your pops need. 

Here you can see many to choose from. The most exciting one will take you through 15 diverse ecosystems as you hike from Cusco to Machu Picchu. The most exciting thing about the hike is that you sleep at a different lounge each night. Check out their charges for various packages. 

Go Surfing in Costa Rica

Give your dad a treat this father’s day by booking a week-long training in Costa Rica. The trainers take a maximum of 12 guests per week. Thus, you will have enough time to learn and focus on details about surfing. By the end of the week, both of you will be great surfers. 

The training package includes a bungalow by the beach, meals, days activities, hotel transfers, stretch classes, massages, and photoshoots while surfing. 

What About a Motorcycle Tour in Italy?

Does your dad love speed? Then a bike tour in Italy will be excellent. He will ride on the world’s most potent engines from Florence to Tuscany. On the way, he will experience vibrant streets and breathtaking landmarks. You will get the chance to take a photo ‘supporting’ the leaning tower of Pisa. Also, you will visit the ancient Abbey, where the oldest stone sword is kept. The best part is that he will be racing against his favorite kid, sounds fun, right? You can book a package for a week, two days, or one day tour. 

You Can be a Cowboy in Wyoming

Awaken the cowboy in you by visiting Wyoming. The state is famous for its large ranches and horse riding. Your dad will have an experience of herding at the horse’s back. There are various other activities to do at the farms. Thus, you get an all-around western life experience. 

The lounges can host a family of six. So you can all go to Wyoming to treat your dad. 

Heli-fishing in British Columbia

How about trying a different fishing experience? Fishing in the mountains in British Columbia is an experience to die for. Tour companies offer excellent services. You will have a helicopter ride to view the scenery. Also, you will have a gourmet picnic after a day of fishing.

Final Word

Traveling tops the ideas of a father in law gifts. You can treat your pop and in law with a duo package to the destinations in the countries above. It will be a lifetime experience that will remain in their hearts.