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7 Must-Have Accessories For Traveling Abroad




Travelling is one of the best ways to let your hair down and relax. It completely unwinds you and opens your mind to newer experiences. As much as you would love to travel, you face some difficulties and challenges along the way. Be it the weather or the supplies; specific unavoidable challenges can be thwarted only with the proper preparation. 

Traveling abroad is one area where unfamiliarity of territory magnifies your difficulties. Accordingly, your level of preparedness must be per the conditions and circumstances that manifest before you.

While you prepare to load your luggage atop the Jimny roof rack, a quick run-through is required to ensure you are adequately prepared for the travails of travel. In this regard, you would probably benefit from a quick look at the following list of must-have accessories on your foreign trip.

1) Vinyasa Scarf

A vinyasa scarf is one of the most popular and easily the most versatile travel accessories. If you are traveling to a cold place, then you need a warm scarf. If not, then a jacket or a windcheater could be massive overkill, and a scarf could be a practical and easy option. 

Contrary to other heavy materials, a vinyasa scarf is made from the soft Rulu fabric. This fabric is a thick yet soft fabric that is primarily based on nylon-lulu combination. This makes it extremely comfortable and soft yet capable of insulating you in cold temperatures. 

2) Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past century or so, you would very well know that it is time to relinquish the disposable water bottles. Stainless steel water bottles are an excellent alternative for your travels as a go-to reusable bottle choice. 

Most of these water bottles come with a slim and sleek design allowing it to fit in almost any space or side pocket in the conventional backpack. The design is extremely ergonomic, with many design variants featuring a better grip, making it easier to carry in your hand for long durations. 


3) In-Ear Wired Headphones

The world is moving towards the “Bluetooth wireless option,” but considering you will travel, wireless may not be such a good idea. Two of the apparent reasons back the proposition – limited playtime and easily misplaced. 

How often have you lost a 3.5mm in-ear wired headphone that is still connected to your phone? There is a high chance that you will agree with me on the indefinite playtime that wired headphones provide. Some of the major brands such as Bose, Skullcandy, Boat, etc. make some of the most fantastic in-ear headphones providing excellent sound clarity and noise cancellation.

4) Laptop Privacy Screen

Although it is granted that vacations do not require laptops for leisure. If you still carry one along, there is a high likelihood of your next seat neighbor snooping on it. True to its name, a laptop privacy protector ensures that you are privy to all the screen time and not your snoopy neighbor. 

Its dark reflective panels make side visibility problematic. Although the screen may still be partially visible from the side, the vision’s entirety is obfuscated.

Traveling Abroad

5) Powerstation Hub

Battery anxiety is one of the chief concerns on an overseas trip, no matter what your mobile battery life may boast. A switched off powered-out mobile in the middle of nowhere in an unknown territory is what nightmares are made of. In such a scenario, a power station hub can be a real lifesaver for you.

Considering the advancements made in technology, you can probably get a 6000-mAh brick that is Qi-compatible and supports multiple USB slots. This would mean that the hub can help you with wireless charging, USB A and C type charging, and ease of mobility at full charge.

6) Neck Braces or Neck Pillows

Adjustable and flexible neck braces or neck pillows are soft and cozy and the best thing you can ask for on long red-eye flights. These days due to the massive interconnectivity, you may be no stranger to the demands of a long and tenuous flight. The sheer exhaustion from the journey is bound to leave you tired and craving for a few minutes of shut-eye. 

The economy class cooped up chairs can not even guarantee a good rest without sore neck muscles. With these soft pillows wrapped around your neck, you can finally doze off soundly and catch up on some well-requited sleep.

travel Neck Pillows

7) Tablet PCs

If you wonder what a pricey gadget is doing at the bottom of such a list, read on. Travels are a rather disturbing time, especially if you have to travel for work. Even for leisure, you might face a hard time carrying multiple gadgets in separate bags, each with a specific demand of its own. 

A tablet can be your phone, laptop, camera, sketchpad, notepad, movie screen, digital book, or anything else that comes to your mind. Tablets are convenient because they are versatile devices that can be whatever you want them to be. 

Besides being small and extremely easy-to-carry, they can come in handy, especially if you need to toggle between work and leisure while on a trip.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it is about the nature of travel and your personal preferences and requirements that influence your accessories choice. In such a situation, you should always prioritize convenience and comfort over style.