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5 Biotech Products Helping Change the World

How these biotech products are helping create a more sustainable world.



The growth of biological technology has revolutionized the way humans do things today. It has impacted lives in a great way through the production of more efficient products.

As governments continue to enact measures to protect the environment, biotech companies have continued to focus more on environmentally friendly products.

Let’s have a look at some of the biotech products that have made and continue to make positive changes to the world. 

1. Renewable Diesel / Green Diesel

It is a type of biofuel that is made from algae, vegetable oil, and animal fat. It is closely related to biodiesel made from soybeans and vegetable oils, except that the two have different production methods.

 Just as the name sounds, renewable diesel is renewable because its sources cannot be deleted. Although available in a few countries today, it can be produced anywhere as the ingredients are easy to find.

Unlike biodiesel and petroleum diesel, green diesel has fewer emissions. It does not emit nitrogen oxide, which is responsible for smog formation on roadsides.

You don’t need a new car engine to use renewable diesel, and it works with a standard diesel engine used to power buses and tractors.

2. Biodegradable Carrier Bags

You would agree that the world has become a cleaner place since we stopped using plastic carrier bags.

According to Forbes, in 2014, an average England resident was using 140 plastic bags in a year. Today, that number has gone down to 4 bags in a year.

Biodegradable carrier bags do not release harmful chemicals as they decay. Some bags can be re-used, and those that can’t be re-used usually decay within a year.

3. Farm Drones

Farm drones help speed up farm work, especially for those who have hundreds of acres of land. Drones are gradually replacing horses and cars when it comes to monitoring and surveying farms.

Farm drones are equipped with advanced technology that helps them to sense and monitor crop conditions. A drone can finish a task in a few minutes that can take humans several days or weeks to complete.

 Drones are good for planting trees in a forest as well as cereals on a large farm. They are also used to spray chemicals on the farm.

Though drones may be expensive today, they help to save a lot of cost in farm labor. As demand for food continues to increase globally, the use of farm drones is set to increase.

4. Wooden Toothbrush

Many dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every three or four months. In a year, that’s about four toothbrushes and 40 for 10 years. In a house of 4, that’s about 160 toothbrushes in 10 years, from just one household.

Plastic takes at least 20 years to decompose. If these toothbrushes were made of plastic, they would still be in dump sites for at least 20 years. That’s far from being environmentally friendly.

Toothbrush made of wood, such as bamboo wood is biodegradable. It helps you to keep your teeth clean and the environment clean.

5. Smart Gardens

Smart gardens are gardens that use high technology to grow crops. Gardens are not just good for homegrown vegetables. They are also good for bringing clean and fresh air to your compound.

If you are a city dweller, you are probably limited by space. You can only afford to have a parking space, a dog house, and a small lawn for basking. Despite that, did you know you can still have a small indoor garden?

You only need a small space of about 3 meters squared to get started. Once you see the benefits, you can add some more space.

Most people will claim to be busy and not have time to take care of the garden. What if the garden was to take care of itself?

That’s right! If you have a click and grow a smart garden, everything is automated, from water and lights to nutrients. You just need to stop by once in a while to check on the progress.


Biotech products continue to increase as technology continues to improve. It is now up to you to take advantage of these new technologies. Remember, each one has a responsibility to care for the environment. Therefore, it is important to embrace all technology that positively impacts us and the environment.

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