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If iPhone spy app can secure your kids from cyberbullying?

To cope with cyberbullies, parents must use iPhone spy software to ensure kid’s safety. Before we discuss the anti-bullying application for iPhone devices, parents need to know about the following.



Online predators are on the rise, and technology has come up with social media platforms, chat rooms, and digital playgrounds. It has become easy for online predators to change their name and status no matter what if he or she is a convict. Online bullies can make social media profiles and trap young lot and pretends to be well-mannered and Gentleman.

The online predators and their access to social networks have put teens to face digital nightmares. Therefore, parents want to protect kids from online predators, and they think cyber predators are dangerous than anyone else on the web. So, parents want to get their hands on the iPhone spy app to secure kids from cyberbullies.

What is cyberbullying?

It is an act of trolling, teasing, body shaming, and it could be over or indirect. People who bully teens online use computers, phones, internet via texting and writing. Further, they share photos and videos of the victim. Bullying online is a very harmful activity, and it leaves an impact on teen’s minds. It could cause depression, anxiety, and frustration among minors.

Online bullies are the ones that do bully people in real –life at schools, streets, and playgrounds. The unethical remarks on someone’s body, personality, and many other things lie under cyberbullying activity. It is an illegal activity, and you can report someone online or in real –life to protect yourself. However, teens cannot bear that intimidating, invasive, and humiliating activity.

To cope with cyberbullies, parents must use iPhone spy software to ensure kid’s safety. Before we discuss the anti-bullying application for iPhone devices, parents need to know about the following. 

Cyberbullying states that every parent need to know

According to the BullyingUk, more than 55% of youngsters have experienced cyberbullying once in their life. 51% of the victims have read false rumors about them, and 36% of the teens have faced verbal and non-verbal abuses.

There are multiple types of cyberbullying that parents should know before they bring an iPhone spying app at their disposal.

  • Verbal
  • Physical
  • Social bullying
  • Trolling
  • Slut-shaming
  • Body shaming

And many more!

How iPhone spy can secure your kids from cyberbullies?

It is an iPhone parental control solution that works on jailbreak iOS devices connected to cyberspace. It is hidden and undetectable and lets you, spy, on kid’s iPhones online and cellular activities without them knowing. TheOneSpy is the best application that you can use to protect your kids from online bullying to the fullest. You can get your hands on it, but you have to perform the steps given below.

Step1: Jailbreak your iOS phone

You need to jailbreak your iPhone running from 11.2 up to iOS version 14.3. After you have done with the jailbreak process you need to have the best jailbreak solution for an iOS device compatible with your device.

Step2: Subscribe to TheOneSpy iPhone spy

You need to have iPhone spying software at your disposal for jailbreak iPhones and you can get it by visiting the TOS webpage.

Step3: Get physical access on jailbreak device

You can get physical access to the target cellphone device and start the installation process. Moreover, complete the process and activate the setup on the target device.

Step4: Use an online dashboard & activate features

You can use the credentials and access the iPhone spying application dashboard and you need to activate jailbreak features to spy on a kid’s iPhone. You will get to know about teens’ activities on an iPhone device and you can activate the features accordingly to protect teens from cyberbullies.

Top features of spy app for iPhone that protect kids from cyberbullying

Here are the following features of the iPhone monitoring app to safeguard teens from online predators, like cyber bullies. 

WhatsApp logs

End-users can use the iPhone spy feature that enables users to monitor and track WhatsApp logs, like chat, messages, and media sharing.

View installed apps

Users can get a list of all the applications that are responsible for cyberbullying, like Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and many more.


Users can read sent and received SMS on iPhone cellular network with a schedule


Parents can spy on iPhones to monitor contact books to know about the contacts of strangers that teens have got via social media.


TheOneSpy iPhone spy has the best solution for jailbreak iOS devices that enable parents to protect kids from online bullying.

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