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Excelling as one of the finest e-commerce brands in the travel niche is Versatile Earth, making its unique name across the US.



Versatile Earth

The closer we look around ourselves, the more we would know how the world has changed over the years, thanks to various advancements and developments across industries. However, amidst all this development, we often forget to put more attention or emphasis on issues that need real talk and real measures. One amongst these issues is the trash people throw in the seas; this has hazardous outcomes for all of us. It was high time to take effective measures and work towards ocean conservancy. We came across one growing e-commerce brand specializing in travel gear, accessories and jewelry named Versatile Earth from Oregon, the US, which is driven by its aim to free the seas from trash. Versatile Earth is a young brand consisting of creative travellers who are working relentlessly towards protecting the oceans from trash with the consistent support of their community.

They proudly call themselves a creative brand with products that are made by globetrotters for globetrotters, arousing passion for travel and exploration. Versatile Earth stands a class apart from other travel jewelry and accessories e-commerce brands for their aim to give back, which has motivated them to create the Charity Collection to fight for trash free seas. Versatile Earth has risen high in the industry as for every product sold; they donate 20% of their revenue to the ocean conservation charities for the noble aim to remove one pound of the trash from the world’s oceans and waterways.

Versatile Earth stands tall amongst many other brands in the industry because it has gone ahead in inspiring others and proving that a successful brand can also do serious conservation work. They care for the oceans by creating products that pose no harm and use materials like reusing plastic bottles so that they won’t wind up in gyres. They are a unique brand with unique products that arouse the enthusiasm for travelling, knowing and exploring and also inspire people to love the outdoors as much as they do as travellers and explorers.

Talking about their innovative travel products, gear, jewelry and collection, Versatile Earth offers attractive jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, camping pins. They offer wall art and canvases of different parts of the world and also colourful and creative travel stickers. Versatile Earth’s camping gear has also attained great buzz with socks for hiking, backpacks, camping cook wear, etc. They also offer a chic collection of shoes and footwear and are rising high with their business travel products like duffel bags, briefcases and the like.

Working to solve the ocean plastic crisis, doing cleanups, and donating a part of their revenue towards the organizations have truly made Versatile Earth excel as one of the finest e-commerce brands in the travel niche in a very short span of time. To know more, visit the website.