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Email Marketing for Your Business: 5 Reasons You Need It!



Email Marketing

Email marketing is among the many marketing channels in digital marketing. More than 25% of conversions originate from email marketing alone for many companies. Emails in any business are among the top ways firms communicate with both prospects and clients.

Approximately 2.5 billion people globally have and use email, and this number is growing daily. When social media became the main thing, and all the various channels cropped up, most people thought emailing would become an irrelevant part of the business. But emails are not going the same route as the dinosaurs any time soon!

About 196 billion emails are sent out each day! And 60% of these are business emails. Another 99% of clients and consumers check their emails daily.

These numbers are pretty impressive for something that was thought to go extinct a decade back. Finding new clients through email marketing is now more than ever very possible.

What is Email Marketing?

Before getting into how it will help your business, it’s essential to understand what it is and how it can solve problems in the marketing business sphere. Email marketing is a personal way to get potential clients.

Email marketing captures potential leads information and sends them information about your brand. This is an effort to market what you sell to them, and as long as they are subscribed to you, they receive periodic emails. It may be a hassle, but the benefits far outweigh the work put in. 

You also don’t have to necessarily do the work. There is plenty of business mail forwarding service in UK. Tasks like this are easy to contract to firms that deal with this work specifically, and you end up getting your money’s worth.

Sometimes people take time to make a purchasing decision. What you sell, —service or product may not necessarily apply to them at that specific point in time. But sooner or later, they’ll need your services or refer you to some who do.

Email marketing is a great way to connect with your client base and create customer loyalty with those who are interested in your brand. You need email marketing for your business; that’s a fact. Below are five reasons why.

Email Marketing Is Greater Than Social Media Marketing

Not to discredit social media marketing — it’s a great channel with great benefits. Social media is critical in advertising your brand to prospects. It’s a great platform to share and engage with your fanbase.

However, the success of any marketing channel employed by a firm depends on the industry the business is in. Social media is the possible route to take for a local store that sells, say, clothes or shoes to teens. But for other industries, and most of them for that matter, you will find that connecting with your clients through email is much convenient.

Serious clients prefer emails, and this is the to-go route for them.

Email Marketing Is Much More Personal and Can Be Customized

Email marketing entails grouping your target audience into a custom list and sending each of them an email tailored to their needs. These emails are more likely to resonate with your client base, and they provide something that is of value to them.

According to DMA, targeted emails that are segmented generate more than 58% if revenue for firms. Marketers who also use segmented campaigns recorded a 700% increase in revenue too. 

Unlike social media marketing, email marketing software, if used correctly, can allow you to reach clients on an individual level by use of the name and certain topics. Emails that contain a subject line with the recipient’s name also have a 26% higher chance of being opened.

It Is Very Measurable

Email marketing is excellent for your business because you’ll get all the statistics. It is possible to see who opened your email and the number of people who clicked on your links. You can also see how many unsubscribed from your services.

With a great email marketing platform, you can quickly get a clear picture of how your email campaigns are being received. This allows you to make adjustments where necessary and improve your efficiency.

The metrics in email marketing are quite important. They measure and monitor the marketing strategy you chose for your business. Most of the major Email Service Providers (ESPs) give their clients this kind of statistics. These email marketing software give results, which are a great wealth of information regarding your subscribers and clients. 

Collecting Feedback Is Easy with Email Marketing 

Customer satisfaction is a primary goal for any business, and it should be at the top of the list. Keeping track of your clients experience during their interaction with your product or service is vital to your success. Feedback will grow your brand to unimaginable heights.

You could easily collect feedback by the use of emails than any other method. Offering consumer surveys and questionnaires will allow you to adjust and fit their needs how they want. Customer satisfaction surveys are pretty standard, and the best part about them is that they can be done automatically.

Email Marketing Is Economical and Cost-Effective

Email marketing is cheap, effective, and quite easy to do. It will allow you as a business owner to reach a much wider audience, and the cost per message is nearly next to nothing. If you’re specifically a business owner on a tight budget, you stand to gain a lot with email marketing.

Brands need an effective way to communicate with the key stakeholders, and email is the most cost-effective method to do this while promoting and reaching the set business goals. Just to show how economical email marketing is, for every $1 spent on email marketing, a business gains $42.

This number is even higher in the e-commerce and retail sphere. Most brands get an average of $45 on every dollar they spend.

Final Thoughts

In short, a robust email marketing strategy will help you reach more people and connect with them. The fact that they will most likely be your target audience makes it even better. You can create personalized emails and increase sales at a wildly affordable rate.

Email marketing tools have evolved, just like most media and platforms. It’s the perfect way to keep your clients informed at their convenience. It also gives them the feeling that you’re thinking of them and that matters to every consumer.