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Fun Marketing Ideas to Get Your Business Noticed



When it comes to marketing your business, it’s very challenging and consumes time. However, do not let your efforts slide just yet. At times juggling all the marketing ideas, strategies and execution seem like a crazy affair. It’s easy to spend your energy doing the same thing over and over, expecting different outcomes.

To avoid having stodgy, dull, and less creative marketing, it’s about time you take up fun marketing ideas. You can even fuse some marketing campaign ideas to the ideas you already have if you’re planning to stop being rigid.

If you’re planning to improve marketing its important to consider the following:

Create a Social Media Presence

Social media is a good part of your marketing strategy. Let’s face it, most of your audience is online most of the time and is on different social media channels daily. Today, Facebook and YouTube have the heaviest traffic, followed by LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Pinterest at a lower rate of usage.

According to research done in the US, users who use QQ are less than other companies. The same source also cites that social media is ubiquitous, with ¾ of users on the Facebook platform just scanning posts daily. When these users are not on Facebook, they are most likely to share their friends on their pages.

As a business entity, one requires a significant presence on social media. However, you cannot throw old content on your page and expect to get traffic on your page. It would be best if you concentrated your energy to grow your social presence by luring an audience using giveaways, gift packs, and discounts to get an engagement.

Similarly, an excellent way to build an audience engagement is to use a photo contest, sweepstake, or quiz. Humans are thrilled with the presence of free things; what other way to fuel this than placing prizes up for grabs? Your social media page and posts will gain more attention using this method. If you get the giveaway contest right, you will increase the sharing of your content to more people interested in your products or business.

It is important to consider increasing a user’s chance of winning if they share your page contents a specific number of times. For example, a pedigree distributed free food to pet shelters for each time users shared the pedigree’s message across their chosen social media platforms.

Host an Event

Events are an excellent way to get your enterprise noticed. Since this is a sure way to get people interested in your business line all in one place. Also, people will keep talking about your event if they see something that is unique. Be sure to decorate your events nicely, including some branded feather flags and merch with your company logo. Some good options for events are:

  • A Fundraiser or a Charity

Fundraisers and charities are not there only for a good cause but to make money. Fundraisers also build an element of goodwill and trust within the community, and one might get a good rapport in the community in social media shares.

  • Hold an Anniversary Party

In this form of the event, invite your customers to remarket your business and allow them discounts for every purchase they help facilitate. You can also brand and earmark the event with your company logo and give out brochures. Anniversaries also show the clients the journey the company is taking in growth. In your anniversary event, invite prospective customers so that they feel comfortable and encouraged to try your brand.

  • Holding a Product Launch

When launching a new product in your company, invite people interested in the product’s long-time purchases. Allow your attendees a chance to interact with the product to be able to remember the launch party. When they share the product with others, they will not mention your brand as a recommendation. Additionally, no matter your reason to hold an event, always remember to include some fun! Have a guest entertainer, provide tasty snacks and food, and include some live music too.

It is also essential to capture all attendees’ emails and contact information to continue marketing to them throughout the year.