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What Not To Do When Sourcing From China

We are a UK based company with a simple mission to provide you with an intelligent and competitive SCM service!



If you’re an importer looking forward to working with Chinese product suppliers, you want to realize the complicated preconceived notions about china product suppliers. It’s natural to possess your own sets of doubts and fears when trusting a 3rd party supplier from another nation, particularly China.

Nonetheless, not ALL of those fears and doubts are justified and true. So, to possess a whip hand in your knowledge about such trade, you want to check out the following list of myths that you should AVOID circumstances altogether if you anticipate to scale-up your business with Chinese products!

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If Alibaba verifies the supplier, it’s trustworthy.

Not true. Alibaba itself mentions and enforces that there’s no guarantee concerning these suppliers and their products for being ok to believe. So, it’s best to try to do your research and verification process.

Chinese suppliers are responsible for legal compliance.

Your suppliers aren’t responsible for the legal compliance of the products. they’re going to get the products from the manufacturers that cost them the smallest amount. Once the products are dispatched, it’s your responsibility and liability to manage them with the import laws.

The details about how the merchandise is formed don’t concern you.

Your products are the king of your business! Your business works due to your products, so undoubtedly, the method of how they’re being made concerns you to each extent! Be educated about how and what goes into manufacturing your goods and demand the specifics during your deal.

You must affect the manufacturer directly for a far better deal.

It might be true in some cases, but not always. It always depends on your business model and size. If you’re a little company with a desire to figure out a supplier of a sizeable factory, you would possibly find yourself stuck in their bottom-customer lists. This happens because such suppliers have more prominent names and corporations already working with them for bug numbers. Hence, choose wisely and choose an experienced agent to assist you thru.

The entire amount must be paid upfront.

If you’re being asked to pay the whole amount up front, take it as a red flag! You never pay the entire amount in one go, invite a sample, give your order, pay partially/make a deposit, and pay the remainder when the wants are met with.

The shipping is best left with the supplier.

As an importer, you always want to have A level of control over your shipment. Attempt to utilize your freight forwarder instead of your china wholesale supplier’s because you would like them to get on your side. If you allow it to the supplier, they will move ahead with the simplest and cheapest way that works for them.

All of those above doubts and queries can usually be avoided and brought excellent care of by outsourcing your work to a second party sourcing company.

One of such experienced and highly appreciated Chinese product sourcing companies is Supplybase Solutions!

We are a UK-based company with a straightforward mission to supply you with an intelligent and competitive SCM service!

We at Supplybase Solutions Ltd, provide you with assistance together with your purchasing of materials and finished products, cost reductions of existing items, introducing new projects and outsourcing, and anything and everything that concerns your supply chain management.

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