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Tips For Buying a Graphics Card Under 5000

Tips for buying a perfect graphics card under the 5000 price range. Lets take a deep dive into the same



If you wish to build your custom computers, then a Graphics Card makes all the difference. You can go for any Graphics Card and still get a good result. Graphics Cards is the heart of a graphics-intensive PC. The cards are integrated with the motherboard of the computer. This component helps to transfer the visual data and present them on the screen.


There are various price ranges for these graphics cards. Thus, it is very important to do some research before buying any of them. Various companies manufacture these graphics cards in China, Korea, and various European countries. Some manufacturers also export their products to various other parts of the world.


Graphics Cards are the brain behind the graphics processing unit of the computer. They are capable of emulating many different functions that are done on the screen using the main PC processor. Therefore, it is important to choose a good graphics card when building your computer. The main component in an integrated graphics system is the GPU.


It has been observed that even the most up-to-date integrated graphics cards from the companies like Samsung and Philips run at a maximum of 1ghz. Due to the great demand for such kinds of cards, manufacturers have reduced the clock speed of their products to meet the market demands. These manufacturers have also included a dedicated cache controller chip in their products, to enhance the overall performance of their cards. Generally, there are two types of GPUs available in the market, namely the Memory Clock Bus and the Turbo Fan.


In this article, we will discuss the best graphics card available in the market according to the specification of the CPU. According to the specification of the CPU, a particular card should fulfill all the tasks of a graphics card. Many brands are manufacturing these kinds of cards like Gigabytes, Samsung, ATI, Creative Labs, and Palmetto. There are many branded manufacturers like Asus, LG, Palmetto, Asus, Samsung, GE, and Videocon that are manufacturing the best graphics cards at a price of about 5000 CIU.


The best graphics card under the 5000 CIU is equipped with a dual gigabyte or four gigabytes of dedicated memory. The main purpose of using this huge amount of memory is to give the gamer a better gaming performance. It is also said that a graphics card with a larger memory size helps the user to do better image editing and presentation of the images. A card with two gigabytes of memory is also referred to as a medium graphics card.

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A graphics card having a high amount of RAM also gives a better graphics performance. But, a wise consumer always makes use of a good graphics card by purchasing one having only one gigabyte of RAM. This way, a very small amount of heat sink is used which helps in maintaining the temperature level. Heat dissipation is another important factor when it comes to selecting a gaming graphics card. It should have a dual-link DVI port to enable the connection of a standard VGA monitor.


Now you know about the various makes of the best graphics card under 5000 and can easily select a card according to your need and budget. It would be advisable to purchase the graphics card from an online store as the prices quoted there are directly passed on to the customers. So, you can compare the prices and decide on purchasing the right card. You can visit some gaming websites to know more about this product and purchase it from there to enjoy flawless graphics performance at the lowest price.