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Strict Governmental Regulations to Create Awareness and Opportunities for the Growth of Connected Medical Devices Security Market



In the past few years, the healthcare domain has seen a great surge in the use of smart medical devices. These devices such as wireless monitoring services are connected and can communicate with each other. Also, the healthcare industry is also widely adopting such connected devices. However, such increasing adoption of such new technologies has given rise to some new threats. One such threat is the security of these connected medical devices. These connected medical devices are vulnerable to security breaches and cyber-attacks. This has thus given plenty of growth opportunities for the global connected medical devices security market that can offer protection against cyber-attacks and unauthorized access.

Given below are some of the key trends that have emerged in the global connected medical devices security market:

  • Governmental regulations: The US FDA (Federal Drug Administration) has issued strict regulations for the security of connected medical devices. It has consequently forced medical device developers to adhere to it and manufacture devices that offer high network security to fend off unauthorized access and cyber-attacks. These regulations and guidelines are expected to create large-scale awareness among the healthcare industry to be ready against any potential security threats. These regulations are also expected to inspire the healthcare domain to invest in devices that offer proper network security. Such factors are thus expected to drive the growth of the global connected medical devices security market over the coming years.


  • Increasing adoption of IoT: Healthcare industry is one of the biggest end-user industries to enjoy the benefits of technological advancement. With such technological leaps, newer and more advanced medical devices are brought into the fray and are connected through IoT. This is creating a lot of business opportunities for the connected medical device security market as it helps in eliminating security breaches and ensures data protection.

Some of the key players in the global connected medical devices security market include names such as Synopsys Inc., Drager Medical GmbH, UL LLC, Coalfire Systems Inc., and Battelle among others.

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