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Thriving on Socials and Crushing the Ecommerce Game with GITI

Umesh Agarwal



Social media is the new marketing platform for any industry that wants to get in on the millennial market. GITI, an online fashion retailer shines online and leaves no stone unturned as they post the right pieces for the girls with personality and style. They have everything from accessories, underwear, beachwear, date outfits and casual daywear to adorn the smaller body to the plus-size woman (up to 3XL). In under 10 years, the GITI team has grown to 30 members of staff, they make the business better by listening to the fashion industry and the shift of what they want to see, how and by whom. The fashion industry includes you who are reading this too.

Start small

In 2003, Christopher Chong started with just him, his passion and this idea of bringing women the latest fashion. Eight years later he has done just that. With some social media influencers, great use of the platforms and constantly giving the best styling tips online, GITI has quickly become a success and is here for the long haul. Fast fashion is fast and produced in bulk, but they have the top seasons range with beautiful styling and contemporary looks to suit today’s girls and young women. They are one of the biggest online stores with a wide plus size selection, going from XS to 3XL, a rare find. Chong set out to add something to the fast-fashion industry and GITI fits perfectly here alongside names like Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing.

They began in a physical store in Gainesville, Florida then moved to Miami and transitioned to an online store, which had many challenges but proved to be fruitful as they now send out thousands of orders a week worldwide. Including filling the gap that many other small retailers struggled with, GITI buys large quantities from manufacturers and redistributes to help smaller brands start steadily.

Social Media

Their team owe much to having a strong brand presence and having that known across their platforms. You can have a lot of inventory and sales experience, but you need to translate that to your customers and people who don’t know they’re about to be life-long customers. They use real-life women who love and brag about their clothing, which brings joy to the heart of GITI. Their content strategy promotes beautiful and timely campaigns to show their edgy designs and colours, they’re not for the boring but the daring.

TikTok has bite-sized fashion tips, but GITI has longer worth-watching videos on their  YouTube channel that helps customers imagine the piece, where they could wear it, how some are multi-purpose and calls the fashionista out of its viewers. There are tonnes of videos from club dress ups, get ready for date nights and seasonal outfits. The GITI Instagram page posts daily consistent pictures and videos with a well-organised highlight reel. Their social media is fun, bright and vivacious – no wonder they have nearly 200,000 followers and can depend on their followers to create quality content!


GITI is open to trying new things, listening and staying ahead of the trends. One quote that Chong holds on to is by Ellen DeGeneres, “When you take risks you learn that there will be times when you succeed and there will be times when you fail, and both are equally important.” Also, the founder’s co-workers have been key to GITI’s success.


Get involved online with GITI on FacebookInstagram and YouTube.


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