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 A new trend booming in the social media sector has conquered the medium of photos, videos and blog sharing. Yes! We are talking about the thriving audio-based social media app, Clubhouse. Although the buzz has created a curiosity among users, not every common person gets a chance to enjoy this new form of social media. The user can make his way into the app only if invited by an existing user, which adds to its exclusivity. With a lot of people turning their attention towards audio-based app like Clubhouse, there is a dire need for an alternative to serve a large audience. The demand presents a golden ticket for startups to kickstart their business with Clubhouse like app development. You can launch your Clubhouse like app with enthralling features to offer a more engaging experience to your users and allow them to host meetings and discuss topics as they desire. 

The Clubhouse is already a blockbuster. If you’re an entrepreneur who is equally excited about the app and want to launch one by yourself, TurnkeyTown is here to assist you with Clubhouse like app development to fulfil all your business needs and desires.

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