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Guide To Clean Your Jewelry Stones.

Hillary Uzomba



It’s essential to keep your beautiful jewelry collection bright and radiant by cleaning them regularly. Even as you practice other care measures for your precious pieces, polishing them is one heck of a good plan. To clean them at home, you can find the jewelry cleaner solution in the stores, but you can also use some mild detergents like dish-washing liquid. Ready? Here are some crazy tips for cleaning your gems:

Use white vinegar for your gold pieces.

Did you know that you have a detergent in your kitchen that can make your gold shine? Now, you can keep your gold-tone pieces looking brand new without going to the professionals. Put these jewels in vinegar for about 15 mins, as you keep rotating them. Then clean them using a soft toothbrush, rinse and dry.

Tips for cleaning your gems

Some gems you can clean in your home, but others may need professional cleaning because of their delicate nature. The safe ones to clean are rubies, sapphires, and diamonds in whites, blues, and red color. Never use harsh detergent on gems like opals and pearls because they are quite fragile. If you happen to use a harsh cleaner on pearls, you might scrub off their thin layer called nacre.

Take a small basin of warm water and add a few drops of dishwashing soap. Soak your ring inside the solution for 20-40 minutes. Using a soft-bristled brush, gently scrub it and rinse with warm running water so there is no soap film left.

Did you also know that glass cleaner works magic as a gem cleaner? Soak the pieces of your jewelry in a glass cleaner liquid overnight, and gently brush them in the morning. Then dry them with a clean, soft cloth, and watch them sparkle. 

For you to maintain the sparkle of a diamond, it’s essential to clean it regularly. It may look cloudy after some time since it naturally attracts oils.

Give those silver gems a sparkle.

You have some of these pieces in your jewelry collection. And if somehow, they have lost their luster, there is a way to bring them back to their sparkle. What if I told you that you already have everything you need to do this work in your pantry?

Vinegar is not just a go-to-product for cleaning veggies, but it can be a tremendous home-made silver polish. It halts the tarnishing process of silver because of its acid. How to go about it:

What you need:

  • A bowl
  • 2 cups of white vinegar
  • A new or clean toothbrush
  • A clean cloth

Take a small bowl and pour the vinegar inside, then soak your pieces for 5-minutes. And while at it, swish them around to ensure the small crevices get the concentration. Now using a soft brush, scrub the tarnished area until it disappears. Rinse with warm running water, and pat dry with a clean cloth.

Ketchup is another bang-up solution to help your tarnished jewelry collection gleam again. It contains vinegar, which we’ve already seen its properties, and tomatoes have their cleaning power.

Get your jewelry in a bowl and squeeze the ketchup on your tarnished piece of jewelry. Scrub with the brush on the affected area until it goes off. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, and use a clean cloth to dry.

In conclusion, there you have it, folks—some dynamite tips to revive those valuable gems to life. So, now you don’t have to live with tarnished gems in your jewelry collection. Start experimenting until they sparkle.

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