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BBA CMA- All you need to Know for Admission



India is presently experiencing a massive boom in terms of production. Not only multinational companies but start-ups are also cropping up left, right and centre. This is viewed as the land of prospects and a monetary superpower in the making. From the last decades, doing business in India has become easier. Yes, but that isn’t possible without the right skills and prior knowledge. BBA is one of the popular degrees that students prefer to pursuing a career in business or management. Most of the higher-secondary pass-outs go for management studies. There have been more specializations added to the BBA degree.

BBA CMA is one of the known courses in the field of business. Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is a professional certification based in the USA. It won’t be wrong to say, acquiring a CMA degree provides you recognition in industry circles. It showcases the aspirant’s expertise in control analysis, financial planning, business ethics and other areas. You can pursue the course of BBA with CMA if you are passionate to grow your business or work at the finance or management level in an organization.

In India, some universities and colleges are providing BBA admission with CMA specialization. The programme familiarizes you with management accounting and working of Indian and Global financial markets. There is a vast need for students with CMA certification due to their ability to enhance an organization’s overall performance. Before pursuing the BBA+CMA course, you must know the various details such as eligibility, fees, admission process and scope.


If you are 12 pass-outs, you are eligible to pursue this BBA specialization. Particular condition is specific to each institute. You must check all the criteria before moving on to the admission process.

Admission Process

Like for any BBA course, the admission is through merit in the qualifying exam. However, some institute might conduct an entrance test. You should note the admission process for your institute of choice.


The curriculum is an essential factor as it gives you a preview of what you are going to learn. BBA with CMA program creates competence in general and functional management courses. The program prepares you for rigorous CMA certification that tests you on knowledge of analysis, control, financial planning and professional ethics.


The fees of the BBA CMA program in India is around 4 Lakh per annum. However, the fees vary from institute to institute.

Job Prospects

Okay, so what opportunities will open is a primary concern we all have before pursuing a course. If you choose BBA with a CMA specialization, you will get a plethora of prospects. Management professionals with CMA certification are held in high regard. When it comes to management accounting, CMA certification is highly recognized and is considered to have more practical knowledge than others without a CMA qualification. Here are some of the areas where graduates in BBA CMA are hired-

  • Private Banker
  • Planning and Analysis of Finances
  • Performance Management
  • Management and Cost Accounting
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Financial Planner
  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate and Financial Accounting
  • Auditing


As the BBA program touches on business management aspects like marketing, operations, organizational behaviour etc., the course equips you to take up multiple job roles. While having a usual BBA degree wouldn’t hurt, adding a CMA certification into the mix extends your future scope. It will reinforce your resume to a great extends.

CMA certification provides you with opportunity in the domestic and global market. It will help you increase your financial, accounting, and management skills to expand your career potential, helping you stand out from the rest.

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