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What Is Art?



In our current society artists are generally seen as people who spend their lives producing works of art. This stereotype is somewhat accurate, but it leaves out a crucial part of the picture. The term “art” was used centuries ago to describe a particular form of creative activity. Since then it has come to mean any art related to the arts. Now, I will discuss three different kinds of artistic activity.

The first category is abstract art. This is the most difficult type of art to define because it is up to the viewer to judge its meaning. Some artists choose not to use the word” Abstract” to describe their work because they feel their artwork does not require the” Abstract Art” label. Abstract art can be figurative, a painting of an abstract design, or a photograph. Anything can be considered abstract art depending on the artist.

The second type of art that we will discuss is representational art. These are paintings, drawings, or photographs of things like natural objects or abstract designs. While there are different ways artists decide to express their abstract works, the common element is that they all make the work meaningful.

The third type is functional art. This category is comprised of works that are intended for decoration or serve a practical purpose. This could include paintings that are hung on the wall as decoration or work that has both a purpose and is hung as a decorative piece. Many modern artists have become known for their functional art. Andy Warhol is probably the best-known example.

As you can see, there is no one definition of art. There are different definitions for many different artists. This is partly why many people have different opinions about art. People tend to say what they like and what they do not like, and this leads to an interesting discussion about the value and influence of art.

There are arguments from both sides of the debate about art. People who like art claim that it is a form of communication and can have a positive effect on society. Some people do not like claiming that art destroys the beauty in our lives and creates a poor person out of a beautiful person. No matter what side of the debate you fall on, it is clear that art has changed the world for some artists and changed the way that others view the world.

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