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Top Printing Industry Trends 2022



As the digital age booms, it has been said that many people at home or in their offices have become paperless, but this is not exactly true as printers and paper are still being utilized for many tasks. Projections showcase that the printing industry sales will grow during the first half of 2022, the office supply industry could still generate much income in the years to come. 

Seeing as printers are not going anywhere and the market is still very much open for the printing industry to grow, there are areas and key aspects where this industry will change and adapt. Certain established trends are carried over from previous years and brand new trends are developing for the printing industry in 2022. Here is a breakdown of some of the top printing trends you can expect in 2022.  

Wireless Printing and Internet Connection 

The way we work and operate at home or in offices has vastly changed. We are no longer trapped at a desk behind a large computer and monitor that has to be connected at all times. Now we can perform various tasks on smartphones, laptops, and tablets. 

This shift has also changed the way in which printers operate, as many printing companies such as HP and Canon have had to incorporate wireless printing functions through WiFi connections. As each year goes by, more and more printers on the market are including internet and wireless functionalities to allow you to print from any device without needing to connect said device with a direct cable. 

Convenience is created with this function at home or in the office and it allows for many people to utilize the same printer with ease. This trend has been developing for many years and it will not come to an end as the wireless age is still developing to this day.

Redefined Ink and Toner With Better Prices

Without ink or toner cartridges, your printer would not be able to operate. One of the most well-known complaints about printing is the fact that the ink cartridges run out quickly, and purchasing new ones can be expensive. This is a hidden cost that can add up very quickly for your personal life or for your business. 

Toner and ink cartridges are being redefined in such a way to minimize the amount of wastage that occurs during printing, meaning that you will be able to have a larger page yield with your Canon or HP cartridge for example. 

The Growth of The Compatible Cartridge Market 

Even with redefined cartridges providing better page yields, if you need a way to buy cheaper cartridges, the compatible cartridge market is growing and is projected to grow at a massive rate up until 2027. Compatible cartridges are developed by third-party manufacturers and are sold at cheaper prices than the original cartridge. These cartridges are available for HP, Samsung, Canon, and more. 

While it may seem risky to purchase such cartridges, the growth in the market and the positive feedback showcases that these cartridges are a perfect substitute for the original more expensive ink cartridges. The printing industry is welcoming compatible cartridges, as they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

For some of the best compatible cartridge prices, you can buy toner from Cartridge Save and you can compare the prices between the original and compatible toners.  Some of the bestselling toner cartridges are Compatible Samsung Black Toner Cartridges and the Compatible Brother Black Toner Cartridges. 

Expanding The Capabilities of Printers

The growth of online marketplaces has shown that conducting business from home is possible now more than ever. Printing companies need to adapt to this, as now that many people are working from home and are conducting different types of work from home, printers need to deliver on more than just words on a blank page. 

Printers are becoming much more advanced, you can now print clear and crisp photos or posters from the comfort of your home if you purchase the correct printer. Before printers like these would be large and bulky, and you would most likely have to go to a store to get the professional printing done. Now with the advancements of technology, printers are becoming smaller, and the capabilities are growing. 

Toner can be selectively put on certain locations on the page, special effects such as sheen can be added to the page you are printing, and you are now able to print on a variety of non-paper materials. This caters to the needs of any personal or business venture, complex printing techniques are becoming more available to a general audience. 


The printing industry is going through some exciting developments with regard to functionality and sustainability. These trends are likely to change the way printing works this year and in the years to come, as the industry is still relevant and continues to grow. 

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