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Online Banking Growth: New Security Challenges and solution

Online banking offers many benefits to consumers. Speed and convenience are the main merits of online banking.



Online banking offers many benefits to consumers. Speed and convenience are the main merits of online banking. It simplifies the process and enables people to view the statement, make the payment, and transfer the money or receive the money. However, while dealing with online payment there is a need to focus on security in digital payment transactions.

Online fraud and other issues in online banking is the major concern in the whole world. As per the report, there were 130 million British pounds stolen in the UK from an online bank account via fraud.

In the current epidemic time, the role of online banking has been proved to be vital. Even banks and other financial institutes encourage users to incorporate digital transactions in their activities. For some users and service providers, it looks very simple but still, there are some challenges involved in it.

Some of the challenges in the online banking process:

Traditional banking habits:

Still, many people are in practice using traditional banking habits to make their transaction. As per the survey, about 49% of American adults do not participate in online banking. This is because they are already in the practice of traditional banking and do not want to change it.
The main drawback is that they do not avail the benefit of online banking. In such a case, the financial institutes need to encourage them to use digital payment and spread awareness of the benefit.


Digital payment security is one of the most significant challenges because single information could bring a big loss. Cybercriminals need certain personal information to make online fraud. To prevent such fraud the marketing professionals need to explain and demonstrate the online banking consumers.

Unlike in traditional banking, robbers enter into the bank and steal money, in the case of online digital payment hackers steal the money with the use of personal information of an individual.

Technical issues:

The main pillar of online banking is technology and the error in the same can lead to heavy loss. A single bug in the code can disturb the whole system and ultimately there will be a loss. A loss of fraud and data due to a crash is something that can be very worrisome.

A single technical issue can bring a heavy loss to the bank. Moreover, now more people are using their smartphones to deal with online banking via apps. So, banks must run their online platforms smoothly.

Cross border transactions:

In global trade, cross border transactions play a vital role. The major problems in this scenario are the slow process, high cost and incompetent. Even most of the banks do not adopt this system and follow the traditional infrastructure for the national transaction.

Small budget:

Some of the start-ups have to choose a small budget before stepping up to the large size. You need to focus on the priority expenses if the marketing budget is low.

The best solution is to create an account for all famous social media accounts and start a blog. Even the professionals can go for PPC campaign management and invest in the same.

Difficulty in the transaction:

The deposition and withdrawal of the money could be quite difficult and time-consuming. It is quite a long process to reflect the capital in the bank account. For instance, In PayPal, it usually takes 3 to 5 days for the deposit. This kind of issue is mainly persisting when there is slow processing speed due to some technical problem or internet.

All of the above challenges are quite common for the online banking marketers and it impacts on the consumer as well. But never mind, there are many solutions for the same.

Tips to avoid digital payment frauds

If some of the precautions and smart tricks are followed then online payment fraud could be prevented. One must follow the foolproof platform for digital transactions to integrate security in online payment. This will be helpful for the online banking professionals and the user as well.

Following the contactless payment can be a good idea. One can also contact the respective bank or issuer in case they have not provided the technology or the chip card to deal with contactless payment.

Shopping through a website that supports stringent identity verification could be another point to avoid any issue. The marketers and professionals need to make the website the main touchpoint for the customers. Additionally, the advanced technology integration will also be very helpful to impact it positively. For instance, instead of expanding the customer support staff, it is better to make a 24/7 help and support desk via chat.

Online banking security software is another great solution that every bank and financial institutes need to incorporate.

It is always good to connect with the respective bank if the transaction is made from an unrecognized merchant.

Sign up for the bank’s alert service to grab the notification of the payment or the transaction in real-time via email or text message. Like this, you will receive the alert from an unauthorized movement.

Avoid downloading any suspected file from an unknown address. There may be viruses in such attachments.


Online banking is good growth in the banking industry and helps the consumer to avail the benefit. Additional to this, it also involves some of the challenges. Well, the only thing is that a user needs to be aware while dealing with digital payment. Talking about the future, the online transaction will offer more advanced features. For now, we can hope to avail of the smart solutions to deal with the problems.

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