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How to Know if You are a Candidate for Dental Implants



If you have lost a tooth, you may start wondering whether to consider tooth replacement options such as dental implants. Dental grafts are artificial teeth root dentist’s place into your jaw for holding replacement teeth or bridge. Dental implants are great for preventing bone deterioration and are among the best and most durable dental restorations. Before you consider getting an implant, finding out if you are a suitable candidate is essential.

Do you have Gum Disease?

Since gum disease can infect your natural teeth roots, it may also infect the dental implants if you get them. If you suffer from gum disease, it is crucial to treat it first before doing a dental implant. Gum disease may take several weeks or months to be controlled before surgery is done. However, it cannot prevent you from getting an implant.

Do you have a missing Tooth?

People lose teeth for various reasons, including accidents, facial trauma, periodontal disease, among others. Dental implants are used to solve the tooth loss problem. They are versatile and can replace a single tooth or several missing teeth. If you do not have any teeth on your jaw, the dental implants will still be of use. If you also want to get a tooth extracted and replaced, dental implants are a great option.

Do you lack Bone?

A dental implant relies on the jawbone for support. If you have thin and soft bone, implants may not get the support they need. Therefore, you may need a procedure for bone grafting to ensure that the implants are successfully supported.

Do you have Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is an illness that makes the bones fragile and porous. The condition is common in women but may also occur in men. Osteoporosis may affect the bone density in your jaw. Suffering from osteoporosis does not mean that you can’t get dental implants. Whether you are a candidate will depend on your bone density, and your dentist will advise you whether you can get the implants. If bone density is an issue, you can get small dental implants or a bone graft to build up your jaw enough to support the implants if you have osteoporosis.

Lifestyle Concerns

Some lifestyle factors may affect the likelihood of success after the implant procedure. Although the factors will not stop you from getting implants, it would be best to consult with your dentist to discuss Illinois dental implants. If you smoke, the risk of failure after dental implants may increase. You are advised to quit or reduce smoking if you want to get the implants, as it may take more time for you to heal.

Are you Healthy?

Dental implants require a person to undergo surgery. Doctors can only simple people who are in good health for surgery. If you suffer from conditions like heart disease and leukemia, your candidacy may be affected. However, if you have any of these conditions, it does not mean that you cannot get the implants done. The doctors will need to control these conditions first to avoid complications during the surgery and recovery process. The conditions may also affect your treatment success. Your oral health will also play a role in becoming a candidate. Cavities and other oral diseases need to be treated before the procedure to avoid the risk of infections and implant failure.

Are you an Adult?

No matter how old you are, you can still enjoy the many benefits that dental implants offer. As long as you have met the requirements named in the article, you can get your implants even as a senior citizen. However, how young you are may impact your candidacy. Children and teens who lose permanent teeth should not get implants because their jawbones are still growing. Jaw bone growth and development continue until you reach your early 20s. If you get a dental implant before you are of age, you could get complications. If your child loses a permanent tooth, consider other treatment options such as bridges, then they can get implants when their jaws stop growing.

Final Thought

If you miss a tooth and are tired of getting dentures and bridges, you are likely to be a candidate for implants. To be an ideal candidate, you must be in good overall and oral health with healthy gum. Lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking, and chronic condition like heart disease and leukemia may interfere with the healing process. Consult with your dentist to get an assessment of your individual needs so you can decide on the best tooth replacement procedure for you.

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