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6 Tips to Creating a Better Morning Routine



The morning is the part of your day that will set the mood for the rest of your day. You can literally ensure that you will have a productive and good day just in the way that you operate yourself during the morning hours. To create a better morning routine, consider the six tips that are below.

1. Do Not Get on the Internet

The first tip to have the best day possible is to stay off the internet. The internet is bombarded with bad news, negative information, and even with people on social media who are trying to get under your skin. Paying attention to this negativity will likely get inside your mind so that you cannot stop thinking about it all day, and you may end up with a bad day. To avoid the stress and the bad feelings, just do not check your phone until your day has already begun.

2. Turn on the Music

For tomorrow morning, start your routine by turning on your favorite music, ensuring that it is music that does not cause you stress. Music has the ability to relax you and to bring you to a happy mood, especially if it is uplifting and soothing. You also want something that is not too sleepy so that your mind will stay awake and alert, especially if you are not a morning person. This will have you productive from the moment that your feet hit the floor in the mornings, even if you typically struggle to get moving.

3. Start an Exercise Regimen

The morning is a great time to do a really simple exercise routine before you head out the door. There are 10 to 15 minute long routines that are just as healthy as a long routine for your mind and for your physical health. If you want to start something simple that will not wear out your muscles, do a stretching routine or even a quick yoga routine. Some individuals even try to go for a quick run or try to do a quick cardio routine if they want to get their blood pumping.

4. Eat a Nutritious Breakfast

If you are in a hurry in the morning and are not being productive, you may just stop for a coffee or a sweet treat on your commute. You may even just grab a granola bar or some other treat on your way out the door for breakfast. Try to wake up just a bit earlier to have a nutritious breakfast in the morning as this will set your day for productivity. Breakfast contains the food that you need to fuel your day, so consider foods like berries, oats, nuts, eggs, cheese, and even some meats.

5. Drink Water

Speaking of being nutritious in the morning, do not allow your only drink to be coffee or tea. Hydrate yourself first thing in the morning with water, and go ahead and fill up your water bottle, refilling it before you leave. Your body has not received hydration for hours when you first wake up in the mornings, and you need to get it properly hydrated again. This will help with your brain’s functionality and will help you to feel alert if you are feeling especially groggy as aforementioned.

6. Set Goals for the Day

At the end of each of your morning routines, try to set goals for each day that are specific to the day. You can even use a blank calendar template that showcases some of the tasks that are required of you for the week, then make goals based on the calendar. Writing down your goals helps you to remember what has to be done and helps you to make priorities on all of your tasks as well. This increases efficiency so that you can maintain organization and can ensure that you feel accomplished at the end of the day.

Final Thoughts

Though it may take effort, it is relatively easy to have a better morning routine. Taking these small steps can lead to large benefits so that you can have a healthier and more productive day. Once you develop a routine, you will be surprised at how naturally these tasks come to you.

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