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Fertility Struggles Alleviated By The Fertility Agency



According to research, 1 in 8, or 7.4 million women of reproductive age have received help for infertility in their lifetime, and world fertility rates are rapidly declining, leaving the global fertility rate to be almost halved within the last 50 years. Many couples suffer from infertility issues, consequently leading to heartbreaking experiences of lack of pregnancy; furthermore, many women and men alike may potentially require special medical treatment to help them start their dream families. 

Infertility may potentially be described as the unfortunate potential inability to bear children by getting pregnant through conception after approximately one year or longer of having unprotected intercourse. Infertility is not an uncommon factor in many homes that crave the presence of children and who desire the experience of parenthood and is also felt by many gay men, and single men and women. Through means of surrogacy, egg donation, gestational surrogates, and intended parents, innovative and supportive companies like The Fertility Agency have fulfilled the dreams of approximately 1100 families and counting. 

Meet The Fertility Agency

Since 2004, The Fertility Agency (formerly Agency for Surrogacy Solutions and Agency for Egg Donor Solutions), has been creating dream families through innovative reproductive methods. Co-owners Kathryn Kaycoff and Lauri Berger de Brito have decided to join their fertility companies in order to form The Fertility Agency to provide surrogacy and egg donation services under one unified umbrella. Both owners underwent several IVF treatments, many miscarriages as well as an approximate combined total of more than 200 embryos before they finally achieved their families through egg donation and surrogacy. As part of their infertility journey, the two bonded over their struggles to get pregnant and realized the lack of supportive organizations and resources to help them during their experiences. 

Kathryn Kaycoff

Motherhood did not come easily to Kathryn Kaycoff; after ongoing treatments and fertility strategies, her identical twin sons were born through the means of gestational surrogates and egg and sperm donors. After what may be described as a heart-wrenching experience, she realized the necessity for a support structure concerning other women going through what she had gone through and consequently created Agency for Surrogacy Solutions, Inc. in 2004. Understanding the need for compassion as well as professionalism, she created an agency due to a gap in the market, being an active member of various fertility groups such as the Society for Ethics in Egg Donations (SEEDS) and Men Having Babies (MHB). Being a part of numerous other fertility support groups, Kaycoff has learned to make a significant difference in the infertility treatment industry.

Lauri Berger de Brito

Like Kathryn Kaycoff, Lauri Berger de Brito suffered many struggles in the infertility department. After countless infertility treatments and multiple miscarriages (despite already having carried one daughter to term), Berger de Brito turned to surrogacy and egg donation to achieve her dream family. Berger de Brito had interviewed many money-hungry surrogacy agencies who appeared to have no regard for her emotional state and after feeling out of options, consequently settled on an agency who had an available surrogate.  After sharing her struggles with her close friend Kaycoff, they both shared their mutual feeling of the lack of support and compassion within the infertility agency industry and decided to use their experiences to create The Fertility Agency. 

Support through Labor of Love 

The two co-owners went through a significant amount of suffering when it came to infertility struggles and realized a need in the infertility market for a compassionate treatment service with support structures for Intended Parents going through what they did. Whether it be surrogacy or egg donation, the company understands the heartbreak and sorrow that comes with desire to have a baby and the inability to do so and aims to assist parents in any way they can by providing support through their entire staff – who have either experienced, assisted, or have fertility struggles. The Fertility Agency aims to provide advice, support, and personalized care to those parents going through struggles while maintaining a quality of professionalism at the core of their business.  The Fertility Agency also understands that fertility struggles also effect the gay community – seeking to have a biological connection to their children – and has been assisting them in creating families since their inception.

According to the World Health Organization, infertility may be described as a disease of the female or male reproductive system whereby reproductive organs are affected in some way or another, causing parents to struggle to achieve pregnancy. But the definition reaches even farther for all men and women that do not have the means to have a child without assistance. For many parents, dealing with sterility or being fertility-challenged, may have a significant mental impact on the person as a whole; it has the potential to affect many aspects of life and often may cause various emotional and psychological impediments such as depression, hopelessness, and frustration. Overall it may be determined that it is essential to have relevant support structures both emotionally and physically to turn to should the possibility of infertility be unavoidable.