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6 FAQs to Know About Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

A foolproof guide for you that will answer all the questions that you might have before hiring a hard drive recovery service for your broken or crashed hard drives.

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As many of you must have heard, this is the age of technology. Technology that helps spread and store an infinite amount of information in each and every corner of the world. Hence, it is safe to say that keeping this data secure is something that holds the utmost importance to almost each human being. Be it backing up data yourself in fear of a storage hardware malfunction or hiring a hard drive data recovery service for your broken electronic, keeping one’s digital data safe and recoverable somehow stays of the utmost importance. And if you are doing the latter, it is always better to know all the details about the process before hiring and trusting any sort of recovery service with your data. After all, it is always good to have the complete picture when it comes to lost or broken personal information. So, we have compiled a foolproof guide for you that will answer all the questions that you might have before hiring a hard drive recovery service for your broken or crashed hard drives.

What exactly is data recovery?

Data recovery is the process of retrieving lost, damaged, or corrupted data from secondary storage devices when the data that is present in them cannot be accessed in the normal way. This can be due to hardware issues, software problems, power supply failures or bugs in devices such as hard drives because of which the stored data becomes inaccessible. And to gain full access of such lost information, data recovery experts assess the extent of the loss while finding a suitable way to gain back all files.

How much does it cost?

Unfortunately, there is no specific amount that can be quoted in this matter because the cost is decided after the hard drive is fully assessed and looked at by trained professionals who then give you an estimated cost for the data recovery procedure. This is because the customer basically has to pay for the skills, time and labor that an engineer spends of their storage device, being something that can only be estimated once it is done or at least about to be done because they have to be able to physically evaluate the issue at hand. However, in case an engineer is not able to recover the lost files, no charges are applicable since evaluations usually are free from all recovery services.

What is the process of data recovery?

The process starts with an on-hand, free assessment of the hard drive by a professional to understand the issue that caused data loss. During this process, the time and labor that is to be put in for data recovery is also estimated to determine the possible cost. This step usually takes two to three days. After this, a price quote is given to the customer followed by an approval of moving on with the data recovery. If the approval is gained, the experts do what is needed to retrieve lost data and if it is not, then the hard drive is sent back to the owner. Once data is recovered, it is transferred to a new device which is then returned to the customer.

How long does this process take?

With the evaluation time included, data recovery process usually takes one to two weeks. However, for emergent cases, the process can be expedited on urgent basis according to the data recovery company policy.

Does the cost of recovery change with the amount of data?

No, the amount of data to be restored on a hard drive does not affect the cost of the recovery as the cost is determined more or less by the time and effort that it takes for the engineer to locate the lost data in the drive. Other than that part, barely any other factors add up or bring down the cost of the process. However, in case the existing or the new drive have to be transported somewhere, additional charges are applicable accordingly.

Can the customer choose what data they can get back?

Usually, data is retrieved all in all from a hard drive. The engineers make the best effort to get each and everything that is on the storage that was given to them. And while it is true that even from a huge amount of data, someone might just want a couple of files, data recovery services provide the customer with all the data that they could recover, from which the customer can then get the files that they were specifically interested in. However, experts do make sure to ask the customers about any specific files or information that they would want the professional data recovery service to retrieve before starting the recovery process to make sure that they put in their best effort to find it.

And there you have it, some of the most asked questions about hard drive data recovery answered for you. After all, in a world where everything takes round in the world of technology, it is always a wise decision to understand security and safety options for digital information, especially when one has to find the best data recovery service to do so.  So, stay ahead in the game and make sure that your systems are always working the best.

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