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5 Ideas to Greatly Improve Your Medical Practice



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When patients come to your medical practice, they are looking for the best care that money can afford them and they expect that from you. Sometimes, unfortunately, patients are left unsatisfied and feel as if medical offices only care about collecting their money after the appointment is completed, so they move on. Patients should be satisfied with your practice from the moment they walk in the building though, and your office should always feel as efficient as possible to improve this patient care as well. Below you will find five more detailed ideas to help your medical practice to improve.

1. Focus on the Patient Relationship

The top priority of your medical practice should be to focus on the patients that you have so they feel as if you care about them as a person. Make sure that at least 37 hours at your medical practice are spent working with your patients directly rather than working on paperwork. Do not overdo yourself either so that you can take care of your patients otherwise, you will become burnt out and may even experience compassion fatigue. This means that you may even lack a sense of compassion when you are in the room with your patients when they are being seen.

2. Ask for Feedback

The best way for you to know if your medical practice is improving is to ask your patients themselves. Send your patients a quick questionnaire after every appointment so that they can give you constructive criticism and you can use that criticism to make necessary improvements. Allow for your office to receive reviews on sites like Google or Yelp so that you can respond to your patients and so they can leave you both good and bad feedback. If you receive bad feedback, do not worry as you can put a plan in place to change the bad into good.

3. Think About the Competition

Even though a medical practice is in the service industry, it is still a competitive industry. Though your ultimate goal should be to care about your patients, you still need to take the time to stay ahead of your competition. If you offer one service at your practice that your competitor does not or that your competitor does not do well, highlight that on your social media pages and website. Stay ahead too by making a positive reputation for your practice in the community too through volunteer opportunities.

4. Make a Strong Schedule

You should make scheduling easy and seamless for yourself and for your patients, and only block off time slots for as many patients as you can see healthily. You can even work with a medical billing company that can send the bill to your patients right after they notice that they had a scheduled appointment in the system. If you use an electronic system, you may even be able to increase the number of patients you see. This means that you can bring new patients into your office and that ultimately you will increase your revenue.

5. Become More Efficient

The final tip to improve your medical practice is to make it more efficient overall. Opt for self-serve kiosks or sit at your reception desk near the entrance so that patients know exactly where to go when they arrive at your office. Always have extra rooms in the back that are open in case you have a large number of walk-in patients, meaning you have extra time slots on the schedule too. Finally, opt for an electronic health record so that you can avoid having to go through paper files and having to physically complete your notes.

Your medical practice is able to turn into a place that your patients will refer others to due to your excellent quality of care. You have to ensure that your patients feel cared about though, which comes with taking care of yourself as well. Ensure that your patients always feel in control of their appointments and that your office space works like a well-oiled machine from the moment the patients walk in your door. Make sure that you always stand out ahead of your competition as well so that patients will flock to your practice.

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