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Why Should you Choose to Migrate to React Native and the Factors to Hire React Native Developer?

Hillary Uzomba



React Native is a buzzing technology which programmers are actively using to develop mobile apps. It offers a great framework for developing robust mobile applications. Are you looking for compelling reasons to make a switch to React Native? React Native enables a smooth, slick, and responsive user interface. In addition to it, React reduces the load time of your app substantially. You can rapidly build cost-effective mobile apps with React Native.  There are several other reasons as to why developers and businesses are turning to React Native.

The best part? You will not have to compromise a single thing on the functionality and quality of your application. Consider this tool to ease your app developing process and provide your users with the best solutions. If you are still in a dilemma whether or not the migration to React Native will prove to be viable to your apps, then follow this article. Here, we discuss a few advantages of migrating to React Native.  Let us find out why migrating to React Native is indeed a good decision.

The Pros of Migration to React Native

Only a few developers can build native apps that load faster than others and involve simpler maintenance altogether. If you are also looking to get a similar kind of app development, here is the good news for you. It is now possible to React Native. Practically, React Native can do much more.

  • Interoperable with native codes, so gradual migration is possible – An application developed on React ​Native has a view component that behaves just like a native app’s view component. You can also choose to combine React Native’s view component with Android and iOS’ view components effortlessly. Also, it allows you to migrate easily. You can pick a fraction that you want to migrate to React Native first, then see how it looks, and finally complete the migration.
  • Get a native-like feel and look – The components of native UI are wired with React​ Native through a bridge made up of Javascript. No tricks of web view are involved in the process which can make the development look and feel quite simple. The entire interface is appealing and is much better than what you get from HTML5/Javascript apps. React Native even provides the benefits of dynamic interactions and animations of 60 fps.
  • Straightforward updates to the Application – There is no denying that after​ an app is developed, it has to go through a long review process. In addition to it, if you want to make any updates to your app, you will have to put the app through the review process again. React Native has made the procedure simpler. By employing tools such as CodePush, your team of developers can straightforwardly add updates to the published application. The best part is that the app will not have to go through the same review process.
  • Utilizing 95% of shared code between Android and iOS – React Native is not a ​platform representing write-once-run-everywhere. However, it still provides the flexibility of reusing massive code. A simple React Native application developed generally is one codebase. A single team can easily build it for two different mobile platforms.

Hiring React Native Developers

Are you striving to find the best native app developers that can perform better than your expectations? Now when you are convinced that migrating to React Native is a good option, you may now start looking for a react native developer. Here we’ll discuss a few beneficial points that will assist you in hiring the most suitable React Native Developers.

  • Verify the Background of the Developers​- Consider and Evaluate the background of ​the developers you plan to hire for your React Native project. Choose someone who has prior experience in either Swift, Java, or Objective-C. You can also hire developers from web development backgrounds.
  • Companies or Freelancers – You can either choose to hire a company or avail a freelancer’s services. However, by considering a few things, you can narrow down the options available to you. Freelancers may ascertain cost-effective solutions, but they have their limitations in terms of time and quality. On the contrary, you will get professional services from companies at rates higher than those charged by freelancers. Make sure to check the previous projects of companies and freelancers before making a final choice.
  • Know your requirements well – The ecosystem of hybrid mobile app development​ is impacted greatly by React Native. This open-source framework is helping companies develop amazing mobile applications that no other framework can. It helps in building rapid, powerful, and highly interactive applications. Several tech giants are utilizing the benefits offered by this framework. So, you should be clear about your requirement and your prospects for making the app. This can help you to find the right developer for the minimal time. With the answers to these questions, you can easily build a cornerstone of your project.
  • Frequent Communication – Communication with the development team is critical for​ obtaining desired results. They will need every information regarding your project to work accordingly. You should be able to communicate directly with the team of developers to keep track of your project. The expert team of developers will suggest to you the best apparent ideas based on your specific requirements. On the basis of their expertise, they can suggest major points to help you in developing applications that will stand out from the crowd.

Keep in mind that the app deployment process doesn’t end with just the development of an application. There are post-development mandates as well. Development checklists are beneficial in hiring development experts.

The Bottom Line

Check the portfolio before Hire React Native Developer. The portfolio reflects their knowledge in the development of applications and also speaks a lot about their expertise. Always remember to check the client’s feedback for the team of developers on several third-party review platforms to know about the quality of services they provide.  Hiring a React Native Development team of developers is the best option if you want them to work on projects on a medium to large scale.

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