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What You Need to Know About Data Services



If you are considering data services for your business, you should know a few things. First, this market is dominated by a few players, making the process complicated and expensive. However, there are several advantages to using data services for business purposes. Read on to learn more.

Data As a Service is a Data Company

A data-as-a-service company will provide a platform that helps a company manage data. These platforms provide tools to transform data into actionable insights. This helps companies turn their data investment into cash flow. Data mapping is the key to translating data into action. Companies that offer data as a service can provide valuable insights relevant to their business goals.

Data as a service provider specializing in different industries. For example, one provider may focus on cybersecurity professionals, while another focuses on real estate investors. The data that these providers provide is third-party data that companies can integrate and analyze. In addition, a third-party provider typically owns the data.

A Postcard Can Promote Data Service

According to a recent survey, 79% of professionals believe direct mail with a postcard like a laminated postcard can be an effective or very effective marketing tool. As opposed to the letter, recipients do not have to spend time opening it. In addition, postcard designs with vibrant colors or attractive designs stand out and are more likely to be read.

1 or 2 players Dominate It

When a small number of companies dominate Data Services, the market is often highly competitive. However, this does not mean that the players have monopoly pricing power. On the contrary, in some data niches, dominance can reduce pricing power, making it harder for rivals to compete.

To gain market share in Data Services, a company must focus on a small niche and aggressively pursue it. LiveRamp, for example, has more than 70% market share in one niche. This market entry requires the company to focus relentlessly on the niche, and once it achieves market dominance, it can move on to adjacent niches.


The cost of data services for the financial markets is increasing rapidly. A report from the AFME reveals that prices have risen by 35% for existing data services and 15% for new incremental data usage. This is a significant problem for many firms and institutions, and several investigations and initiatives are underway to address this issue. The aim is to decrease the cost of data services for market participants.

Data Services are used to connect, transform, and store data. These services fuel critical business processes and provide business insights. Large enterprises typically use them. Previously known as BusinessObjects Data Integrator, they also integrate with other data sources and provide insight across the business.


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