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What is Raloxifene (RALOX)? Everything you need to know.



Raloxifene or RALOX is a drug that has many uses in the pharmaceutical industry. It is used for the treatment of women after menopause. It is primarily used in the prevention of bone loss or osteoporosis after menopause. The drug is primarily made for women. It keeps the bones strong and prevents them from breaking. With the use of Raloxifene, it is also possible to prevent a certain kind of breast cancer.

Ralox does not necessarily work as an estrogen hormone in the body. It can also act as an estrogen blocker. It depends on the body parts it is working upon. For instance, it acts like the estrogen hormone for your bones and other parts of the body. For the breasts and uterus, it can act as an estrogen blocker. Raloxifene belongs to a category of drugs that are known as selective estrogen receptor modulators-SERMS.

Raloxifene does not help with any of the menopausal symptoms. It does not ease any of them. For instance, it does not cure vaginal dryness or hot flashes. However, you should not take this drug before menopause.

How is this medicine used?

You should start taking Raloxifene only on the advice of your doctor. It is important to get all the necessary information related to the drug before you start consuming it.

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Ralox is taken directly from the mouth. It may or may not involve the consumption of a meal before or after it. It is usually prescribed once daily. The drug should be taken on time regularly for long-term effects. You must swallow the tablet properly. It is advised to not chew or crush the tablet.

On a side note, you need to have enough Calcium and Vitamin – D in your diet when you consume Raloxifene. You should make sure of that. Consult a medical professional for further queries.

What are the side effects of Raloxifene?

Every drug reacts differently to different bodies. What may work for others may not work for you. It is noted that many individuals can experience various side effects related to Raloxifene. These are:

  • Sweating
  • Joint Pain
  • Cramps in Legs
  • Hot Flashes
  • Swelling in several parts of the body
  • Insomnia
  • Difficulty in staying asleep
  • Flu-like symptoms

If you experience any of them, you need to get medical help immediately. Your doctor will change your medication and give you the required treatment.

What are the precautions to take?

Before you start the Raloxifene medicine, you need to tell your doctor about your medical history, family history, and other prominent conditions related to your health. You also need to inform if you are pregnant or plan to get pregnant soon. You should also consult the doctor for any possible allergies that you may have. You should also get yourself tested against Raloxifene as an allergen.

You also need to tell your doctor about possible surgery or long hours of bed rest or a plane journey in the future. It can increase your risk of developing a blood clot especially if you are consuming Ralox. The use should be discontinued for such a situation.

Final Words

Raloxifene is a strong and effective drug that can be used for a variety of purposes including the treatment of osteoporosis. It can be prescribed for many reasons for women. You need to know everything about Ralox in advance before you use it.

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