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Top 5 SEO Success Stories Of Achievement

Amanda Jerelyn is currently working as an Information & Technology tutor at Crowd Writer, an excellent house of best assignment writers UK. As a teacher previously, she was always interested in combining education with technology. Having done extensive research, she now shares her opinions on her blog with a pool of followers.




SEO- Search engine optimization is one of the most powerful ways to focus attention on your website. Millions of users use search engines to locate the object of their interest skillfully. If a website is not optimized to meet the search engine requirements, regardless of the efforts they put in, the site will not be able to attract viewers. The website can use other techniques, but they seldom produce the results that a good SEO digital strategy can achieve.

Understanding SEO Principles & Practices

There are different techniques to begin marketing a website on the internet. But before we introduce the best link building tactics using SEO principles and practices, it is crucial to understand the difference between SEO and SEM. SEM or search engine marketing is a much more broad term. SEM includes paid advertising collaboration techniques with a search engine to achieve publicity, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, and different types of targeted advertising.

1)  Business of Fashion Success Story

Imran Amed is the founder and CEO of the Business of Fashion website. The fashion website has several blogs, forums, and comments. The vogue website is always trying to make connections with other reputable sites, which promote new styles. The format of the website was a work in progress. But there was a lot of traffic because of the sudden popularity of the brand name. One beautiful day the website received a message from Google:

“Google has detected user-generated spam on your site. Typically, this kind of spam is on forum pages, guestbook pages, or in user profiles. As a result, Google has applied a manual spam action to your site.”

The business was booming at the moment they received this warning. At first, they did not pay much heed to the cautionary indication. Two weeks after, they received the notification, some of our critical keywords started to lose significant rankings with Google. Now, they realized that they have to work fast to make their content king again.

Our IT staff combed through the contents of the entire website looking for spam. The comments, feedback, posts, and all other sections where users can interact were inspected for spam. The spam or remotely spammy comments were all eliminated. The contents of the webpage are sifted for spam or anything remotely related to spam. Impatiently, they contacted Google for a reassessment.

Nothing changed. All those changes they had done did not have much of an effect. They had lost more than 90% of all human traffic to our website. They hired an SEO specialist and advised all departments to cooperate with the expert. All user-generated links on our site were set to ‘no-follow’ by the professional.

The consultant implements CAPTCHA settings for new users creating accounts. The first few comments, feedback, and posts are all monitored manually for all users. New users are allowed to make a set number of comments, feedback, and critiques. The professional also set up a ban implemented via IP address to blacklist potential and repeat spammers.

They let the consultant work for ten days without contacting Google. All the links on our website are impugned, and the graphic interface is made user-friendly and mobile-friendly. After two weeks, the consultant advised us to contact Google. They received positive feedback from them, along with the advice to continue these efforts permanently.

2)  4 Imprint Success Story

Kevin’s website 4 Imprint is a purely business website. Kevin has clients both within the United States and Canada. Kevin’s product must be able to reach his clients within the time duration he commits on the website. He uses multiple delivery companies to reach clients all across the US and Canada.

The product Kevin promotes on his internet site can be customized by users to meet their demands. The significance of these customizations is critical. If a customer receives a product, which has not been customized according to their needs, the product becomes ultimately futile.

In addition to becoming entirely worthless for the consumer, Kevin has to bear shipping costs to retrieve the product back to its home location. The product can be kept in stock if in case a different consumer decides to purchase the product with the same customizations.

Kevin currently has one website which deals with clients in both the US and Canada. Although both are some of the best countries for business, its residents speak a wide variety of languages. Refunds are given because of linguistic misunderstandings, and it is making matters monetarily worse.

Kevin decides to implement SEO solutions to overcome losses incurred because of linguistic discordances. The SEO expert verifies the locations of all of Kevin’s clients with him. The specialist views the company website to notice that there is no proper support for users who speak a language other than English.

On the first page of the website, the maven implements linguistic settings. Now, as soon as users open up the site, they are asked to choose a country and language with the help of drop-down menus. Under the United States drop-down menu, users can choose from the syntax English, Spanish, and various other languages. Under the Canada drop-down menu, users can choose from the phonology of English, French, and many others.

3)  Ozona Pizza Success Story

Amanda is in the fast-food industry. She owns Ozona Pizza. She manages the production of her fast food outlet as well as the production of her internet site. Not everyone is accustomed to her cuisine items, which is the reason why Amanda has a website. She wants to be able to reach a maximum number of clients, within her locality.

Amanda has sales that result from physical walk-ins by customers to her restaurant. She also has deals, which are the outcome of users browsing on her internet site. She is not satisfied with the number of customers she is getting from her website.

Amanda understands that the cuisine is a bit eccentric, but her competitors with even more exotic cuisine get more customers than her. Each month the profit from walk-in customers goes to maintain the website, which is not able to justify its productivity.

“Your website needs to be mobile-friendly if you want to do good business in the local market,” exclaims John Williams, Marketing Manager at Premium Jackets. Amanda’s SEO department professionals start to make the website mobile-friendly. The first objective to make the website mobile-friendly is to eliminate Adobe Flash. iPhone operating systems do not support Flash, and it drains the battery.

After eliminating Flash, all the headings and banner captions need to be trimmed so that they can load efficiently and quickly on mobile devices. Excessively long titles and headings are only going to deter mobile viewers. The internet site also needs to be enhanced to support voice searching.

One of the best ways to support local searches is to register the business on Google maps and My Business Listing. Registering on My Business Listing improves the website’s rank as well as helps local users quickly locate the establishment. Make sure to include all relevant information such as phone numbers, hours of operation, and the physical address. Highlight any special offers or deals customers can obtain, which will make the entire website much more appealing.

4)  Website Builder Expert Success Story

Jeremy Wong and Connie Wong are the founders of the Website Builder Expert.  They have sufficient working knowledge and information about the website development business. Jeremy collaborated with a senior to set up a website that deals in website development. The site has been up and running for quite some time now.

The money made in six months is less than what they should have made in one month. “The website development business is always slow to take off,” says Mark Smith, SEO Analyst at Crowd Writer. The only thing in Jeremy’s mind is that six months is a long time for still not being able to achieve a handsome income.

The first thing the SEO expert begins to verify is the content of the website. Regardless of the ranking, if the site has good content, it will achieve a good ranking. Website development has a lot to do with the current market. If there have been many layoffs in the current market, more people will be looking to build their websites. If the local market is reliable for employers and employees, not many people will be looking into developing a website.

The professionals make sure all the relevant affiliations are made and periodically updated automatically on their website. The titles, headings, subheadings, and descriptions need to match the contents of the webpage. Security is one of the essential characteristics of a website dealing with website development. The Wong’s website was dealing with clients from an HTTP address.

HTTP is the conventional standard for internet sites displaying and containing images, written content, or anything other than credit card information. Secure HTTP or ‘https’ websites are authorized to administer secure transactions. The ‘https’ websites work in conjunction with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to ensure the privacy and safety of the data.

It is imperative for websites, which handle customer data, to be secure. Customers will never feel safe sharing their personal or payment information if the connection is not secure. Customers will begin to question the reliability of the information on the webpage if the website is not secure. A secure website evokes trust and reliability at the time of conducting any business transactions.

5)  Planet Fitness Success Story

Katherine is in the fitness business. She understands the importance of physical exercise in the modern world. Katherine inspires her followers to take time out for themselves to maintain their health so that they can lead a healthier and happier life.

Katherine was having trouble promoting her website that is Planet Website. Users sign up for a membership period of three months or more but seldom pay after the first or second month. She was facing multiple issues with data retention, security, and reimbursements. She is confused about how long she should retain customer data, and when is a good time to delete user information.

The SEO process starts on Katherine’s website, making sure all the keywords are in the appropriate places in the title, heading, contents, and menus. The next step is to make sure that the material is both readable and pertinent, both for human readers and search engines.

Europe and the United States have different ways to protect online data. In either case, it is crucial to have a company policy that dictates how long the customer’s information is retained. Customers need to be made aware of this policy from the beginning when they sign up for the services.

Once the duration dictated by the policy has passed, it is perfectly fine to delete that information. All websites which perform transactions involving credit cards or debit cards need to be secure webpages. Performing commercial activity on insecure websites is not recommended both for consumers and entrepreneurs.

If there is a court case, and some customer’s information becomes valuable, the customer information retention policy dictates how long the company holds on to that information.  Once that period has passed, the company is no longer liable. The company should also dispose of that information when the time comes.

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