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5 Best Local Seo Services For Growing Companies



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In the past, keyword stuffing could easily get your page ranked at the top of the first page on Google. But things have since changed and raking alone cannot guarantee you will get the traffic and leads that can turn into sales.

Currently, you require a comprehensive SEO strategy to get the best ROI. A good strategy should balance content marketing, website code, and information architecture (IA) with context to get valuable traffic. 

To get the best out of your Cannabis website SEO, the website must have high-quality content that can engage customers and turn that traffic into value. Few SEO agencies can achieve this nowadays. Moreover, it is even more difficult to find the best services in such a large pool. But we have made this easy for you by reviewing the top SEO services. 

 Top 5 Local SEO Services For Growing Companies

1. Voice SEO:

The digital world is transforming quite fast. Voice search is slowly becoming a reality and might soon replace typing. Of course, it is not only convenient but also faster.

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Voice SEO is a company ahead of its time. TopSEOs currently ranks this company at the top of its voice SEOs list. As the name suggests, it specializes in voice SEOs. If you have incorporated voice search into your website, these are the guys you need. 

If you sell products such as cannabis where your clients might be people suffering from chronic diseases, you would want to make their search process more comfortable. Voice search enables them to interact with your website with less difficulty. 

All smartphones nowadays come with Apps, such as Siri, Alexa, or Google Echo, that rely on voice commands. The percentage of people who use voice search stand at 42.7% in the US alone. Slightly more than half of smartphones users in the US use voice search Apps. 

The future if voice search is indeed promising and Voice Search is ready to provide the SEO services you need. If your website incorporates voice technology, these are your guys!

2. Big Fin SEO:

Big Fin SEO specializes in both search engine optimization and reputation management. In the modern business environment, reputation is everything. And in a setting where a single tweet or post can ruin the reputation of a company, you need someone who incorporates both SEO services and reputation management. 

With experience in both areas, Big Fin SEO is an industry leader in social media SEO. The company knows what strategies work for different types of businesses and can be a great addition to your portfolio if you want your business to have a leading reputation in the industry. 

The company puts its emphasis on following Google Algorithm changes, technical site improvements, and quality content to help businesses not only get high ranking but also to generate organic traffic that can turn into sales. 

3. LeadValets:

LeadValets have a particular focus on local SEO services. The goal of the company is to ensure that its clients continually get organic traffic that translates into value. 

Recently, the company announced an innovative marketing strategy for local businesses. LeadValets provides its clients with a data-driven marketing strategy. First, they review your business to understand its nature and your clients.

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They also use social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to identify trends for your niche to help them develop an SEO program that is tailored for your clients. If you have a small business that needs an online presence, LeadValets should be on your list of SEO agencies. 

4. Fannit SEO:

Fannit is an SEO company, but what makes it stand out? You pay for what you know. Yes, Fannit gives its customers a free SEO audit. This helps identify problems with your website and content. This way, you can receive advice on what strategies will help guide traffic to your site. 

But traffic is only valuable if it turns into sales. So, Fannit is not just looking at driving traffic for their clients, but generating sales as well. 

Fannit has proved its place as an industry leader by winning numerous awards. Some of these include Top Seattle Content Marketing Agency 2017 and Top Seattle Digital Marketing Agency 2018. 

5. Social Media 55:

Every business wants to work with partners who have proved themselves in the industry. Social Media 55, though a young company, is among America’s fastest-growing social media services. 

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The company is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers a plethora of services including SEO, programmatic advertising, branding, PPC, digital marketing services, graphic design, and social media management and marketing. 

Social Media 55 is ideal for businesses that want to have all their SEO services handled under one roof. 


SEO is an essential division of any online business. Due to the ever-changing requirements of search engine algorithms, many businesses find their websites losing or not generating the required traffic. 

A reliable SEO agency can help your business gain better ranking and generate valuable organic traffic. The above list helps you peek at some of the top leaders in the industry so that you can make a faster decision on who to work with.