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Insurance and Bonding: How Can They Protect Your Construction Business



Construction projects come with various challenges, such as design changes, labor disputes, late delivery of raw materials, cash flow problems, poor artistry quality, or defective materials. Therefore, it’s essential to have a risk management strategy to ensure that you can efficiently deal with these problems without delaying the project’s turnaround time. Sometimes, it may become difficult for you to oversee all these things alone. That’s why it’s better to have a construction lawyer by your side who can provide the best solutions to these problems.

Insurable risks

Can you buy insurance policies for some of the risks involved in construction projects in Sydney before your team starts working? You can ensure your machines are safely purchased if they get damaged by natural calamities or unnatural disasters; you would not have to spend money to repurchase them. The insurance policy will cover the expenses. 

On the other hand, you can ensure your workers or start a worker’s compensation fund so that they can claim for their medical bills if they accidentally injure themselves at work.

Insurance considerations

What factors should you keep in mind while buying insurance for your construction company? If you are not sure, you can discuss with construction lawyers Sydney before making any decision. Some of the factors that your lawyer will look into include:

  • Contractor controlled insurance programs
  • Owner controlled insurance programs
  • Self-insured retention
  • Deductibles 
  • General liability coverage issues

Different insurance packages provide additional coverage for large construction projects. Since construction lawyers work closely with various insurance companies, they know which policy may benefit your business. For example, suppose you only work on residential projects. In such cases, you should choose an insurance policy that suits that type of project. 

Your lawyer will also help in selecting the most appropriate payment bond for your company. Experienced lawyers counsel both the contractor and the owner on public bonding requirements. He will explain the pros and cons of using adhesives on different private projects, thus making the construction process easier and faster. 

If you are not sure how to respond to claims or follow the claims procedure, you can leave everything in the hands of the construction lawyer. He knows how to handle property insurance policies, including performance and payment bonds. Apart from evaluating your claims, the lawyer will also defend your case in court if the property owner doesn’t stick to the bond’s terms and conditions. In addition, an experienced construction lawyer can help you with the following insurance and bonding services:

  • Contract review and preparation
  • Review bond requirements
  • Insurance coverage evaluation
  • Risk management analysis and support
  • Negotiation and dispute resolution
  • Claim investigation and prosecution

Buying the right insurance can save your construction business from incurring significant losses during or after a project. Make sure you discuss the insurance policy options with your construction lawyer and choose one that fits your budget and suits your needs. 

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