Importance of Obtaining a College Degree with Jonathan Osler



In today’s millennium, many occupations require some level of education. Also, success on today’s factory floor is highly determined by the possession of a college degree.

College Education Inspires Students To Become Better Citizens

Colleges have proven that they not only teach students to pass their degree courses but to also become better citizens. Students are mentored and they tend to practice better citizenship. This includes voting and doing voluntary work. The classes that college degree owners take to influence their level of interaction and engagement. By paying taxes on time, graduates have proven they are better citizens.

Jonathan Osler, an experienced educator, encourages students to finish their education by obtaining a college degree. He continues to say that over the past decades, education has become an important subject when discussing the nation’s youth future. Jonathan claims that graduates have alternatives to acquire the best jobs. College students are taught data expertise issues that get them high-paying jobs. With higher job choices, individuals can stay a better lifestyle and are kept away from encountering poverty.

Jonathan Osler has worked for more than 20 years to advance educational equality and racial justice as an educator. He has partnered with schools, philanthropic allies, and nonprofits to help secure more than $70 M for educational initiatives. Osler is a great supporter of education, for example, he built Community Wellness & Learning.

He is fueled by his passion for building cross-sector partnerships between educators, community members, and nonprofits. It can be said that Jonathan Osler’s journey has been possible because he is a highly effective communicator and successfully engages different audiences through facilitation, research, and writing.

As the world is changing rapidly a college degree is the strongest path towards job retention. The global economy is becoming competitive, by having a college degree graduates get the chance to acquire a stable job. As we know an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Looking at Jonathan Osler’s success and experience, here are some of the advantages of obtaining a college degree.

More Job Opportunities

Having a degree opens opportunities that might have been out of reach. A degree can also expand graduates’ opportunities by connecting them to a network of mentors, colleagues, professors, and advisors. This network opens doors that connect them to leaders with whom they can exchange ideas and traverse new projects.

Increased Salability

The demand for skilled college degree workers has been rising over the past years. Colleges give degree holders access to proper coursework that aims at their skills. Proper skills keep them on demand.

Increased Potential Income

Obtaining a college degree brings with it a notable jump in earnings. There is an earning power difference between degree holders and high school graduates. The higher the level of education, the higher the earning power.

Longer and Fit Life

Research has proven that indeed having a college degree could lead to a longer and fit life. In The American Medical Association journal studies have shown a college graduate has a longer life span compared to those with lower levels of education.

Labor Welfare

Most jobs offer more perks and benefits to college graduates. They offer retirement investments, travel discounts, and health care. These perks make a difference in their life outside work. Undergraduate jobs do not offer these kinds of benefits. Benefits like health care are important to both them and their families. Obtaining a degree is an investment for the graduate’s future and the future of their family.

Labor Security

A college degree is very valuable. It’s an investment that will bring great rewards not only to the employee but to the company as well. Lower-level employees suffer from most job layoffs. Having a college degree saves them from long-term unemployment.

College Degree Students Are More Likely To Own Homes

Studies have shown that the homeownership rate for non-graduate students is two years behind compared to those who have attended college. This is because highly educated individuals have higher incomes.


This is perhaps one of the most important benefits of owning a college degree. College students are exposed to many classes across various university-level content. This makes them have a wider understanding of how the fields work and their roles in the fields.

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