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5 Online Education Programs For Your Busy Schedule



Online programs are fast becoming the best ways for students to earn undergraduate degrees. Through online classes, students can hone their skills from the comfort of their homes. Most of these programs are put in place for students who might not have the time to attend full-time. This guide covers the top five online education programs for your busy schedule.

1. Purdue University

Purdue University is found in West Lafayette, Indiana, and is a recognized public research institution. If you are unable to attend on-campus courses, then this is the ideal university for you to enroll in. The university provides modern students with up to four options to access education. You can choose curriculum and instruction, behavioral analysis, special education, and design and technology.

Regardless of the route you choose to take as a student, your program will run for between 18 and 22 months. Note that most working in the institution have an educational experience, so they will help shape your career and prepare you for the future. Once you are done with the current program, you are allowed to enroll in another course.

2. Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins is a respected education worldwide. It has a wide range of options for students willing to take their courses online, especially those looking to pursue education degrees online. This university primarily focuses on graduate programs for professionals looking to advance their careers. If you are interested in pursuing education, then you can register in Johns Hopkins’ global doctor education.

The university was designed for working students who might not have the time to attend full-time. Since the program is only available for part-timers, it will take between three and seven years to complete. The duration will take you to complete the program depends on student focus and required credits.

3. North Carolina State University

While North Carolina State University is one of the most affordable online universities, it provides the best programs for part-time students. At the time of writing this, the university had around 36,000 online students, and the number is believed to increase so fast. If you want to further your career in professional education, then North Caroline State University is the place to be.

Most of the degrees provided will lead to careers with vocational schools, community colleges, and trade schools. Irrespective of the residency, the university charges the same tuition rate for all students. In your application, you must indicate your background education. Other than the bachelor’s degree, the institution requires students to submit an undergraduate transcript.

4. University of Georgia

The university was chartered in 1785 and is one of the best public institutions that provide higher education. The university leverages its early experiences to get learners ready for modern careers. UGA is known for its emphasis on hands-on research and learning, which are the main two factors that make their online programs unique.

There are many things that students can focus on, such as reading education, educational philosophy, science education, etc. Note that the duration of your program will vary based on the option you choose.

5. Indiana University-Bloomington

Indiana Bloomington’s main campus provides up to 550 academic programs. It is reported that the school educates at least 110,000 students every year. If you are interested in online courses, there are 14 programs that you can choose from. Each program has a unique career outcome, so you must choose carefully.

Most online courses are focused on subjects such as Chemistry, English, liberal studies, etc. As you can see, these are specific subjects, so you can be a great education expert once you are done with your program. The 100% online programs strictly require 30-36 credits, and you will be polished to become a high school teacher.

Closing Thoughts

Today, there are many reasons why students might want to access their courses online. If you have a busy schedule but want to hone your skills in the field of education, then online programs might be best for you. Since there are many online programs on the internet, you might not be sure how to choose the best one. Consider this guide one of the best solutions you can ever find. If you want the best online education, then consider joining any of the universities mentioned in this piece, and you will never go wrong.