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How To Handle Being Arrested For A DUI/DWI



Seeing flashing lights behind you when driving is a sinking feeling. After you are pulled over for a suspected DWI, you will be asked to submit to testing. The truth is that this is totally up to you as refusing testing gives you a better chance if your case goes to trial. A breath test is a huge piece of evidence that is used in cases when someone is arrested for driving under the influence. Use your right to remain silent during this time as talking your way out of the arrest is not going to happen. The officer is required to arrest you if they suspect you of driving intoxicated. The following are tips to handle being arrested for DUI/DWI. 

Seek Substance Abuse Help If Needed

Seeking substance abuse treatment is likely going to be a part of your probation if you accept a plea deal. Substance abuse is a huge issue worldwide with so many substances ruining the lives of individuals. There are group treatment centers as well as free meetings for groups like AA and NA. A judge might see a proactive approach favorably after an arrest. Seeing this improvement can be important when it comes time for sentencing after a trial. 

Enlist The Help Of A Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal defense attorney that handles DUI cases is going to be very helpful with your case. There are cases where people are arrested unjustly on suspicion of DUI. Your attorney will start working immediately on your case especially if you refused testing. You can have your license reinstated if the suspension is appealed to the DMV and the officer does not appear. If the officer does appear, the benefit of this is locking the officer into their testimony. 

Keep Yourself Out Of Additional Trouble 

Staying out of additional trouble is important as you will be released on bail. Getting into trouble will result in losing your bail and you could spend time in jail. You might even have to wait until your trial which could be months depending on the trouble you get into. Avoid people that tend to get you into trouble or cause you to act recklessly. Get out of the legal system quickly so you don’t spend years there as a result. You might want to access newspaper archives to see if you can have the copy with your name removed. 

Complete Any Terms Of Probation You Have 

You do not want to go to jail for any amount of time for a first offense. If you simply do not complete the terms of your probation, you could end up in jail. Judges do not take very kindly to those that were given a break only to disrespect the court. Community service hours can be paid off at some points if you are arrested somewhere a distance from where you reside. 

An arrest can follow you for years if you do not deal with it appropriately. Call an Uber or taxi if you will have anything to drink as it is far cheaper than a DUI and the associated costs of this charge.

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